Art Department Invites Artist David McShane to La Salle as part of the Annual Spring Arts Festival
Posted 02/26/2009 01:00PM

As part of La Salle's annual Arts Festival, the art department has invited David McShane to be the 2009 Visiting Artist.  Mr. McShane will hold both a small group lecture for art students and large group lecture for the entire La Salle Community on Friday, March 6, 2009.

The small group lecture and demonstration will be held during 4th period for all Drawing 2 students and any student taking an advanced level art course at La Salle.  This lecture will focus on the use of Adobe Photoshop and the creative process of Mural Design. 

The large group lecture and discussion will be held during 6th period for all interested members of the La Salle Community.  This include will a Powerpoint presentation with examples of fellow artists from Mural Arts Program as well as some of Mr. McShane's own work. The discussion will include Mr. McShane's insight on the collaborative process, as well as issues and considerations of specific works.

Click here to view some
of David McShane's murals

David McShane has been painting for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program since 1996, and has completed over 70 murals in the Philadelphia area.  Most of these murals are large outdoor community-based murals, which were painted as collaborations between a specific neighborhood and Mr. McShane.  Besides offering input of ideas for themes and subjects for the murals, community members (and especially neighborhood children) also participated in community paint days and assisted with painting many of the murals.

While most of Mr. McShane's work is in the Philadelphia area, he has also received grants to create community murals in Coatesville, Middletown Township, Dublin (Ireland) and in the suburbs of Paris (France).

Mr. McShane has also served on the board of the Mural Arts Advocates, where he helped raise funds for the community projects and youth education programs that are such a vital part of the Mural Arts Program.  He also teaches mural painting to potential mural artists for the Mural Arts Program.  In addition, he teaches drawing at La Salle University, and has taught drawing and mural painting at P.A.F.A.  Outside of Philadelphia. 

Mr. McShane also stays active in his studio, creating paintings on a smaller scale.  In Philadelphia, David has shown his work at the P.A.F.A. Museum, the La Salle University Art Museum, Artists' House Gallery, Temple Gallery of the Tyler School of Art, the University City Arts League, the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial, the Philadelphia Office of Arts and Culture, Nexus Gallery, the Woodmere Art Museum, and in City Hall.  In Florida he has shown at the Maitland Art Center, and in Missouri he has shown at the Studio Gallery of the Springfield Program for Public Art.