Kairos 37- 114 Information and List

The Greek word KAIROS means a "special time of the Lord." KAIROS takes place over three days in a community setting and allows the retreatant time to reflect on his life, his relationships, and his Lord. Please pray for the students listed below who will leave for Kairos 37-114 Tuesday, January 31, 2017. If you would like our retreatants to pray for you, please forward your intention to KAIROS@LSCHS.ORG by Monday, January 30, 2017.

Kairos 37-114

January 31 - February 3, 2017

Sam Altier
Sean Atcavage
Michael Becattini
Colin Beveridge
Colin Blewitt
Nicholas Cardamone
Ling Chen
Ross Choate
Carson Delaney
Alex DelPo
Matthew DeMerlis
Francis Depman
Christian DeSimone
Anthony DiAndrea
Richard Dobbs III
Matthew Doohan
Michael Ewing
Ben Fedgechin
Thomas Flavin IV
Seamus Heckard
Connor Higginson
Carter Hoekstra
Zachary Hogan
Michael Hudak
Thomas LaMorte
Cole Lerch
Syaire Madden
Ethan Maguire
Liam McCrudden
Conor McElroy
Trevaughn McNeill
Joseph Meehan
Brendan Meeks
Shane Meenan
Riley Monahan
Peter Moses
Jonah Mulcahy
James Natale
Liam O'Mara
Nicholas Ormsby
Nicholas Perri
Brandon Reis
John Rhoads
Brennan Rietzke
Sean Rietzke
Luke Sabia
Harry Scanlon
Kevin Schleinkofer
Timothy Smith
Luke Ventresca
Connor Wagner
Michael Wells
Bradley Williamson
Evan Wilt
Zachary Wolanin
Sean Wozniak

Adult Leaders
Mark Chesnik
Chris Carabello
Michael O'Toole
Jim McLaughlin
Kieran Trainer
Jack Mills
Christian Arellano
Gina Giuliani

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