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The Physical Education program at La Salle is made up of a semester of organized activities in gym and/or outdoor athletic facilities, and a semester of aquatics and water safety activities in the pool during two of a student’s four years at the school. Physical education at La Salle High School is intended to be a program that will provide the student with a means for proper physical, mental, emotional, and social development, and contribute to the healthy enjoyment of his life after high school. The program tries to take into account the needs of both the individual and the group, and as such, it permits each student to progress at his own level of ability.

900 Physical Fitness – Sophomore/Junior/Senior – 1/2 credit/semester

The Physical Fitness course focuses on cardiovascular and weight training in the La Salle fitness center. It counts toward satisfaction of the physical education requirement.

925 Physical Education/Aquatics 1 – Freshman – 1/2 credit/full year

These courses provide students with the proper techniques for physical development. These courses take into account the needs of both the individual and the group, and as such, permit each student to progress to his own level of ability. Students take one semester of gym and one semester of aquatics.

926 Physical Education 2 – Sophomore/Junior/Senior – 1/2 credit/full year

Upperclassmen fulfill the physical education requirement by doing one of the following: a) participate in an interscholastic sport at either the varsity or junior varsity level; b) participate in at least two intramural sports over the course of the academic school year. Failure to do either of the aforesaid will result in the student’s having to repeat thecourse. Seniors who have not taken a full credit of physical education may not receive the La Salle diploma.

922 Principles of Athletic Training – Sophomore/Junior/Senior (elective) – 1/2 credit/semester

This course is offered to those who have had an introduction to athletic training through personal experience or who have approval. The student will be exposed to the basics in prevention, identification and treatment of athletic related injuries. Hands-on experience will be the major source for evaluation. Each student will be required to give 10 hours a week after school in the trainer’s room and on the playing field. The course will also explore current techniques used in a variety of competitive sports and exercises. Practical work and written examinations will be used for evaluation. Sophomores and Juniors can use this course as a substitute for Physical Education.

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