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La Salle College High School is a Catholic independent educational institution that emphasizes religious values and academic excellence. We depend on full and timely payment of tuition, rather than Church or government subsidies. La Salle makes every effort to minimize fees and tuition increases while providing the very best quality education consistent with Catholic values. When a student registers at La Salle we hold a place for that student; we commit resources to optimize the educational experience of that student; we design staffing, supplies, and programs based on the number of registered students. Each year we forgo potential income by limiting the number of incoming students when we commit a place for your son. Thus, once a semester begins, $1,000 will be retained from prior tuition payments should any student be withdrawn in the early days of the term. No tuition will be refunded for that semester for any reason beginning on September 10th for the 1st semester and January 31st for the 2nd.


Tuition for the 2015-16 academic year is $21,200.  In addition, as applicable:

  • $460 for grade 12 senior fee (includes actual retreat, yearbook, and graduation expenses)
  • $8,620 for David Program tuition
  • $360 for all those in the instrumental or choral music programs
  • $1,190 - $2,190 for those on La Salle bus routes


The non-refundable $1,000 payment made at initial enrollment acceptance is a tuition credit; registration for grades 10-12 occurs each spring and includes a non-refundable $300 fee collected separately ($50 is a rostering fee and $250 is a credit towards tuition).  Application fees collected from prospective students are non-refundable and are not tuition credits.

Scholarship and financial aid credits are divided evenly by semester.

Returned checks generate a $15 bank fee, which we pass along.

Overdue balances cause monthly fees equal to the greater of $20 or 1% of the balance.

Financial Aid is available and must be applied for annually.  Visit the Financial Aid page for more information on deadlines and procedures.


Payment options  

Payment options available to all students:

Monthly Installments

We urge all families who cannot respond fully and on time to semester invoices to please enroll in the April-January monthly payment plan offered through Higher Education Services (1-800-422-0010). There is a $50 per family membership fee. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE NOW ONLINE.

To learn more about monthly installments through HES,
to download the application, or to access your account,
please visit the monthly payment plan page


Click here to Apply Online for the Monthly Payment Plan with HES

All students must meet each semester's obligation on time or must be on time in the monthly HES plan in order to attend La Salle. There are no other special payment plans - please enroll in HES and stay current to avoid loss of student participation privileges. Should an unpaid balance still result, it leads to late fees and loss of both curricular and extracurricular participation, including reception of grades, transcripts, and graduation. If membership in HES is lost, full payment is due to La Salle immediately.

Semester Invoices

If you do not enroll in the monthly payment plan, you will automatically receive semester invoices from La Salle due in full July 15 and November 15; late fee assessments begin on these dates. La Salle does NOT accept credit card payments for tuition, but HES, our monthly vendor will accept credit card payments for BOTH semester and monthly invoices (with a convenience fee attached).

Payment Plans

With a low, fixed-rate education plan from Your Tuition SolutionSM, paying for your child’s education is easier than ever. Your Tuition Solution’s convenient payment plans give you a wide range of options. 

To learn more about Your Tuition Solution’s flexible plans, compare payment options or apply online, visit today.

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office.


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