At La Salle, music is considered to be an integral part of a student’s education.  Recognizing that students come to La Salle with a wide variety of musical backgrounds, the La Salle Music Department offers courses at a variety of levels of musical ability so as to provide an appropriate course of instruction to all. The beginning or intermediate instrumental musician will participate in the Introductory Music Performance Ensemble or the Intermediate Stage Band, groups designed to give students facilityin performing moderately difficult music material. The more advanced musician progresses to participation in Advanced Stage Band or the Honors Advanced Music, more skilled groups dedicated to exploring a variety of musical styles, including jazz and contemporary compositions. Wherever appropriate, students also participate in the La Salle Concert Band, an organization that is given extensive instruction in classical as well as contemporary expression.

Students with interest in studying vocal music may participate in chorus. Chorus classes are available at different skill levels, including freshman, intermediate, beginning upper classmen, and advanced chorus. All performance courses include units in music theory. A strong point of the La Salle Music Program is the incorporation of private instruction into the student’s daily roster.

All students are given private instruction by a well trained core of professional musicians dedicated to the art of developing the vocal and instrumental talents of each student. A student with special music interests may pursue these interests via a series of independently supervised programmed instruction.

  • 802 Introductory Music Performance (Freshman Band) (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 804 Intermediate Music Performance (Stage Band) (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 806 Instrumental Instruction (elective) – .5 credit/full year
  • 810X Advanced Music Studies (elective) – .5 credit/full year
  • 820 Small Ensembles (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 841 R&B, Funk and Latin Concepts (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 850 Advanced Music Performance (Stage Band) (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 850X Honors Advanced Music (elective) – 1 credit/full year
  • 851 Freshman Chorus (elective) – .5 credit/full year
  • 852 Chorus (elective: all levels) – .5 credit/full year
  • 853 Advanced Chorus (elective: all levels) – .5 credit/full year
  • 854 Independent Chorus (Independent Study) (elective: all levels) – .5 credit/full year

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