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Remote Learning



When the school operates in “hybrid” mode, half of the students will attend in-person classes while the other half participates at the same time remotely online from home. The student body has been divided into two groups that will alternate every other letter day of the cycle. Students whose last names start with “A” through “Le” in the alphabet have been designated as the “Blue” group, where students whose last names begin with “Li” through “Z” are assigned the “Gold” designation. Student group designations will also be explained during student orientation sessions the first week of school.

Class schedule for blue and gold groups for remote learning

All classrooms at La Salle have been equipped with web cameras and microphones to provide the needed infrastructure to deliver real-time instruction to students attending classes remotely.


Synchronous sessions will occur during the hours of a typical school day. Classes will meet at their assigned times, according to a student’s respective class meeting schedule. Students should select a background setting and work area that is private and free of background noises and/or distractions.

All students are required to attend all online classes during the school day, without exception. Teachers will be taking attendance online at the start and end of every class period and reporting absences to the Dean of Student Life’s Office. All standard attendance policies are in effect. Outside of illness or family emergency, attendance and full participation in the “synchronous” class sessions is compulsory (just like attending class every day at school). All attendance matters are expected to be reported by a student’s parent/guardian to the Attendance Line at (215) 233-4140 before 7:55 am. This includes full-day absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals. All questions and requests regarding excused absences should be submitted to the Dean of Student Life’s Office. In the event of planned absences, students should be proactive with also informing their teachers ahead of time.

Students are expected to continue to conduct themselves as gentlemen. Their actions should always reflect the mission of the school and be in agreement with school policies and procedures. Students whose actions do not meet these expectations will be subject to intervention by school officials and disciplinary action. All students are to adhere the same standards of behavior online as they would face-to-face. Be honest, respectful, and be polite. Everything that students post in the chat window (including “private” chats), is logged and can be viewed by the teacher.

Students are not permitted to take or post images, videos, or screenshots of classmates, instructors, or class content to the web or to Social Media. Teasing, harassment, bullying, and hazing will not be tolerated. All students are expected to support and assist in efforts which promote acceptance of others. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the full list of Community Rules, Student Regulations, Expectations, and other guidelines.