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La Salle's Spanish Lessons Extend Beyond the Classroom

If you attended a La Salle sporting event this past fall, you may have heard something rather unusual from the student section. 

¡A la BIN!...

It was a chant, no doubt, but there was something different about it.

¡A la BON!...

Something that didn’t quite seem to resemble English.


And yet there it was, echoing through the stadium, supercharging the atmosphere, creating a collective rush of energy from the voices of La Salle students.

“It’s been my dream,” says Señora Breen, a Spanish teacher at La Salle “to teach the students a Spanish chant that they can sing at our sporting events.”

La Señora taught it to one of her sections this year, and from there, as she puts it, “se cogió un fuego ardiente como de las leñas secas.” For those less skilled in the Spanish language, the chant caught on like a wildfire fueled by dry wood.

Since providing the spark, students have been chanting it at soccer and football games during the fall semester. Senior Ryan Gregg, who often leads the chants, considers it an integral part of attending games. “It gets the energy up, and it gets everyone ready for the game,” says Gregg, “that’s the beauty of the chant.”

There is a deeper beauty as well. That a teacher hailing from Cochabamba, Bolivia can share a part of her culture with students, who in turn make it part of theirs, and with ample energy to boot, speaks to the human and international connections of a Lasallian education.

La Señora Breen has come to embody the chant, and students often request that she join them in photos during games, requests which have afforded her a certain celebrity status. It’s likely that she’ll be appearing in more student section selfies as the 2021-2022 academic year continues.

Senior Ryan Gregg: “We will definitely be using it at basketball games this year.” 

La Salle’s World Language Department consists of 11 teachers hailing from Bolivia, Italy, China, England, and the United States. Students at La Salle can choose to learn Chinese, French, Latin, or Spanish. Regardless of their choice, they can expect to form very human connections with their language teachers, much in the same way students have formed that connection with Señora Breen.

The entire chant is as follows:

“¿Quién va a ganar?”

“La Salle”

“¿Por qué?”

“Somos los buenos muchachos que nadie nos puede ganar?”

“¡A la BIN!...”

“¡A la BON!...”

“¡A la BIN-BON-BAN! 

La Salle! La Salle! 

Gooooooo La Salle!”



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