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LSCHS To Host Special Community Period Presentation On Forensic Biology

On Friday, November 22 - La Salle Students and Faculty are invited to attend a special Community Period Presentation titled "DNA and Foul Play: The Strange and Unexpected World of Forensic Biology."

Dr. Heather McKiernan & Catherine Brown, MSFS from The Center for Forensic Science Research & Education (CFSRE) will present to the community in the Auditorium.

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This presentation will provide experiential educational information to students currently enrolled in our Forensic Science Elective La Salle College taught by Director of Student Activities Mrs. Marie Stott.

This elective course is described in the Program of Studies as:

Forensic Science is any science that is used for the purposes of criminal or civil laws. Forensic Science is currently used worldwide to aid in the resolution of civil disputes, the enforcement of criminal laws and/or regulations, and to help protect public health. Forensic Science is truly a comprehensive Science, as it combines the principles of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Anatomy / Physiology, and other sciences. The main focus of this course is for students to learn the basics of multiple science disciplines, as well as law principles, that together comprise the field of Forensic Science. Students enrolled in the course will engage in lectures, labs, case studies, online activities, and professional visits.

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For more information about CFSRE visit:

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