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Record Number of Students Take AP Exams in 2022

Clearly, our Advanced Placement© courses and teachers have our students’ attention. Our students know that the AP curriculum and AP teachers’ expectations will require much from them. That is a large part of the draw. They also view AP courses as a way to distinguish themselves in a college admissions scene that has become, for many colleges and universities, even more competitive and chaotic in recent years.

The level of participation in the AP program at La Salle has increased significantly, especially in the past seven years, when records have been broken practically annually. This year, there were records in the number of students taking AP exams (518), the highest percentage of the student body participating in the AP program (45%), and the total number of exams taken (1073).

As the AP program has expanded to include more students, the positive results have increased on a parallel track. The number of AP students at La Salle with at least one “qualifying” score (3 or higher out of 5) and the number of tests graded as a 3 or higher were both well above our own averages over the past five years.

La Salle students, in great numbers, are succeeding in college-level courses in 25 different subjects taught in 60 different classes by 31 different teachers. Let’s shine a spotlight on our youngest and senior La Salle students.

This past year, the largest number of freshmen (59) took AP Human Geography in our nine years of offering that course, and 93% of them earned a qualifying score. Compare that with the 53% who did so on the global level - a forty-percentage point difference! We have seen similar “passing” rates before in this course, but the number of freshmen in the past was half the number this year. The future is bright – in more ways than one!

Our seniors were not to be outdone this year. AP English Literature attracted 74 seniors, despite the fact that the vast majority already took AP English Language as juniors and possibly will not receive college credit for a second English course. Collectively they earned a 92% “passing” rate and outperformed the global average by 14 percentage points. These are super impressive results by both groups, a combined 133 students.

La Salle students step up to face challenges head-on, including in academics. The majority of our students will show initiative and enroll in an AP course while at La Salle. In the Class of 2022, 54% earned at least one qualifying score.

We applaud as loudly for the AP Scholars with double-digit qualifying scores by graduation as for the student who enrolled in his one and only AP course in senior year. What matters most is that our young men push themselves and strive for academic excellence.

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