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Students and Faculty AP Scores Shine Through A Year Of Hybrid Learning

Once again, circumstances from an unusual year did not interfere with great success by our 443 students of Advanced Placement© courses.  Almost all the 940 AP exams were taken in school during the regularly scheduled weeks in early May. In 25 different subject areas, our students outperformed all students from Pennsylvania by 5 percentage points and all students nationally and around the world by 11 percentage points. Our students filled 51 AP classes this year.  Their perseverance, diligence, and attitudes, combined with their teachers’ hard work, guidance, and support, lead to tremendous results.  Here is a snapshot: 

  • Congrats to our students of AP Computer Science Principles students and teacher Mr. Patel for a huge jump in scores from previous years. 94% earned qualifying scores (3 or higher, out of 5). 

  • Our sophomore students of AP European History (Mr. Devlin) set a 5-year high-water mark for qualifying scores even as we expanded the number of students fourfold (to 44) this year.  

  • Our students in AP Statistics (Mr. Lang) outscored the global average of qualifying scores (3 or higher, out of 5) by 33 percentage points, the highest of any other subject area at La Salle!   

  • The average score of our AP Calculus AB (Mr. Nolan) students was 4.03, which is very impressive especially when compared to the average score globally of 2.81.  Collectively, these students scored the highest at La Salle when compared to all their peers. 

  • 100% of our students in AP Calculus BC (Mrs. Nedzwecky) and AP Physics C – Mechanics (Mr. Cipolla) earned qualifying scores of 3, 4, or 5! Close behind were AP Computer Science Principles (Mr. Patel - 94%), AP Spanish (Mr. Horvath – 93%) and AP Statistics (Mr. Lang – 91%). 

  • 21 students earned a 4 or 5 (out of 5) on 8 or more AP exams! The top 14 students averaged 11.6 exam scores of 4 or 5. Connor Mangan hit that mark in 15 out of his 15 AP exams, with Emmet Young and Brendan McGinn following closely with 14! Way to go, Explorers! 

  • 33% of our senior class in 2021 was named either AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, or AP Scholar with Distinction. That means that they left La Salle with at a minimum 3 qualifying scores or many more (15 was the highest this year.). 

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