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WEXPtv Media Program Wins Mid-Atlantic Student Emmy Award

La Salle College High School's WEXPtv Media Program won a 2022 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Mid-Atlantic Student Emmy Award on Thursday, May 19th.  The program was nominated overall for three awards, winning the Emmy for Best Sports Feature for "The Brotherhood: La Salle Soccer Remembers Blake Barklage."

The feature was produced by Kyle Adriaansen '22 (James Madison), Braden Hynes '22 (UConn), Christian Daikeler '22 (Duquesne) and Finn Loftus '22 (Fairfield).  All four young men will be studying communications/digital media in the fall at their respective colleges.

The winning production focused on La Salle Soccer rallying the La Salle Community after the tragic loss of soccer manager Blake Barklage '22

WEXP Moderator Mr. Robert Johnson, with 20 years of experience in the media industry and multiple Mid-Atlantic Emmy Nominations during his time at Comcast Sportsnet, was amazed by the power and beauty of this piece:

"After Blake's tragic loss, this video production became a true labor of love for the WEXP Crew, especially Kyle who lost his best friend but found a way to honor him with his amazing video production talent.  In my experience, I've never been so close to a powerful video such as this - the storytelling, editing and video production comes together to be one of the most compelling videos I've ever had the pleasure to be associated with and a true testament to the strength of the WEXP Program, the Brotherhood of the La Salle Community and the team's friendship with Blake."

2022 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Emmy Nominations


The Brotherhood”- La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
           Kyle AdriaansenBraden HynesChristian Daikeler


“Rivalry Continues at Franklin Field”- La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
           Kyle Adriaansen, Producer/Editor

Category: Sports (Emmy-Winner)

“The Brotherhood: La Salle Soccer Remembers Blake Barklage”
La Salle College High School – WEXPTV
           Kyle Adriaansen, Producer/Shooter/Editor
Braden Hynes, Producer/Shooter
Christian Daikeler, Producer
Finn Loftus, Producer


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