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"Why I Chose..." - College Destinations For The Class of 2020

A few of the college choices of the 263 seniors in the Class of 2020 at La Salle College High School and what factors influenced their decisions. More to follow in the coming weeks and months.

Andrew Della Penna
Vanderbilt University

“When I was looking for a college, I wanted to find a place as similar to La Salle as possible. I choose to enroll at Vanderbilt because it has some of the best academics and sports in the country, a beautiful green campus within a bustling city, and what I felt to be an amazing community. La Salle has not only offered me fantastic academic opportunities through their AP programs and awesome teachers, but it has also allowed me to get involved in a variety clubs and sports. This involvement has helped me develop many unique skills that I will have for the rest of my life, such as athletic, programming, and leadership skills.”

Colin Price
Pennsylvania State University (Schreyer Honors College)

“I choose Schreyer Honors College at Penn State because it offers every benefit imaginable. Great academics, priority registration, and even awesome opportunities for research. La Salle really prepared me because I was able to get an excellent education, while also having the resources to make sure my application reflected my hard work as a student.”

Matt Curran
Haverford College

“I chose Haverford because of the extremely tight knit community, the opportunities through the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, and the profound student voice seen in the Honor Code. Not only has La Salle prepared me academically for the rigor of a college like Haverford, but it has given me the leadership skills necessary to propel in my interests at Haverford.”

Jack Willard
Lehigh University

“I chose Lehigh University because I wanted to be a part of their new and exciting College of Health and, in light of the recent pandemic, I think that Public Health will be a very competitive major. La Salle has helped me to prepare for my attendance at Lehigh by teaching me how to work independently, by providing me with the preliminary knowledge I will need in College, and by helping me to appear more attractive to colleges such as Lehigh in the admissions process.”

Robert Benson
Temple University

“I chose Temple because I wanted to attend college in the city and really liked everything Temple had to offer. La Salle has prepared me for Temple by holding me accountable for myself and teaching me to be independent.”

Cole Landes
U.S. Air Force Academy

“I chose USAFA because it had everything I wanted. It gives me the opportunity to serve my country, an outstanding education, and so many opportunities to try new things I would not get at any other college. It seems everyone I reached out to was willing to help, whether it was the college counselors, teachers past and present, or even teachers I never had. They were all willing to help me with anything whether it be essays, interview prep, or even just to talk me through my decision process.”

Dan Quigley
University of California, Berkeley

“I chose the University of California Berkeley, because of the unparalleled academic rigor, diversity, and international and domestic opportunities, like internships and study abroad programs. I additionally want to step out of my comfort zone and grow as person, and Berkeley is the perfect place to facilitate that. La Salle magnified my potential and drive to work hard and diligently in every facet of my life. The skills that I cultivated at La Salle ensured that I not only presented an application that accurately represented who I am but provided me with the resources and experience to excel regardless of where I attend.”

A.J. Carabello
Pennsylvania State University

“I chose Penn State because of the reputation of their Architectural Engineering major. The integrated BA/MA program will allow me to graduate in five years with both degrees and move directly into the workforce. The alumni network is the largest in the world, which provides for internships and job placement that are second to none. The math, science, engineering, and AP courses that I took at
La Salle coupled with my summer internships should prepare me for the rigorous curriculum. My involvement in so many activities at La Salle, particularly in the music program, has opened the door for the countless opportunities at Penn State, one of which I hope is the Blue Band. The combination of my major and the numerous opportunities should make a large school very small.”

Eyoel Kassa-Darge
University of Warwick (United Kingdom)

"I choose Warwick University because it is one of the best international business schools in the world. They have over 9,000 international students. La Salle helped me be able to compete in such a compete for environment, and I have never felt more ready."

Ryan Savage
Princeton University

“I chose to come to Princeton because of the incredible opportunities they give their students between the great professors, extracurricular activities, and world-renowned economics department. I also chose Princeton to pursue my athletic career because I felt a great relationship with the coaches and was impressed with the amount of connections they have to internships in the summer. Princeton was overall a great atmosphere and a place I knew I could call home. La Salle has done more than they can imagine in helping me prepare for Princeton. They provided me with the tools to succeed both in the classroom and on the field by giving me great mentors in whom which gave me the determination and work ethic to succeed in whatever I put my mind to.  Most importantly, La Salle has given me a foundation I can carry through for the next four years and the rest of my life by giving me a brotherhood, education, and spirituality I can count on at any time. I cannot say enough about
La Salle and I will always look back on my time here with a smile. God bless La Salle.”

Alexander Klein
University of Miami

“I chose to attend the University of Miami because of the academic rigor, the highly funded research programs, and the feeling I got when stepping onto campus. It is a perfectly balanced environment where I have a vast amount of opportunity to flourish academically and socially, and the weather is a plus too! La Salle prepared me academically through the challenging courses offered which allowed me to grow to be more outspoken, analytical, and creative. I was also able to row throughout high school and participate in the Blackfeet Nation Service trip which helped me grow as a person and develop social connections that will last beyond graduation.”

Jake Pensabene
Boston College

“From the moment I first stepped foot on campus, Boston College was the place for me. Between the tremendous business program, the location in the city of Boston, and just the overall environment, it was my clear first choice. La Salle’s use of SCOIR helped me form and organize my college list, as well as learn important information about my top schools. Over the past four years, La Salle has also taught me to be a gentleman such that I felt very comfortable in my interviews.”

Brandon Hampstead
Northeastern University

“I chose Northeastern because of its unique co-op program, challenging academics, and because Boston is such a cool city. La Salle has challenged me academically and prepared me for a rigorous college academic experience. There are so many aspects of La Salle, from community service to the brotherhood, that have also shaped me into the man I am today.”

Haojie Yin
University of California, San Diego

“UCSD is the best choice for studying math and for learning to apply math to other subjects. It also has a great of the ocean during school dates. La Salle provided a lot of help and support in the application and selection processes.”

Joe Wilbur
University of Pennsylvania

“I chose Penn because I get the chance to receive an exceptional education, as well as the opportunity to be part of one of the most competitive rowing teams in the country. Penn is the perfect combination of athletic and academic challenge to propel me to my full potential. Not to mention, it is only a short drive from home. La Salle has helped prepare me for college by pushing me not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of life. La Salle set me up to learn how to balance academics, athletics, the arts, and community service.”

Jack Rhines
California Polytechnic State University

“I liked the emphasis on hands-on experience and 'learning by doing,' and just the vibe and location of Cal Poly in general. I think the most important way La Salle has prepared me has been in regard to my work ethic and time management.  While there are so many great things about La Salle, I have had a very busy course load the last few years that I’ve adjusted to and am prepared to maintain in college.”

Patrick Calhoun
Villanova University
I chose Villanova because of the notable reputation of the school. Many of our family friends are Villanova alum, so I grew up always knowing about the school and the kind of reputation it had. I wanted a strong academic college where I knew I would be challenged, but also with enough balance between academic and social life. While applying early decision initially scared me, I made a visit to Villanova's campus and I knew that it was the school for me. Just like I would like to be challenged in college, I have continuously been challenged at La Salle and so I feel completely prepared to tackle a difficult college education because of all of the support have received these past four years."

Patrick Voigt
George Washington University

"I chose to enroll at the George Washington University because of its great campus, its strategic location in the center of the capital city of the United States, and its foreign affairs program, which is one of the highest ranked programs in the world. La Salle has not only offered me much needed guidance in how to apply to a university like GW, but also prepared me for the rigor of college academics because of La Salle’s course load.  As a result, I feel as if I can meet and exceed the requirements of college academics.”

Andrew Talone
Cornell University

“Although I was admitted to NYU, Wake Forest, and the University of Virginia, I chose Cornell because I want to challenge myself academically while also being able to expand my opportunities to develop myself and my interests. Additionally, it was a place that encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and experience new people and places. La Salle helped me get here by making me a more critical thinker, a skill that has allowed me to excel in anything to which I apply myself.

Nick Paccione
Saint Joseph’s University

"I chose to enroll at Saint Joseph’s University because it thought it was the best fit for me to further developed my studies. It also reminded me of La Salle which was a great home for me the past four years and I hope Saint Joseph’s can do that for me the next four. La Salle has done so much to prepare me for this next chapter in my life. From the classroom to the athletic fields La Salle has taught me what it means to be a good student and a gentleman. Leaving La Salle, I know I am ready for whatever college has to offer thanks to the wonderful administration, teachers, and faculty that I have helped me these last four years.”

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