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Celebrating Forty Years of an Independent La Salle College High School and Its Own Board of Trustees

Forty years ago, La Salle College High School took a major step on its journey to becoming the premier independent school for boys that it is today when it became an entity distinct from La Salle College. This evolutionary move, which involved La Salle College High School establishing its own governing Board of Trustees, set the stage for four decades of unparalleled growth and achievement.

Since then, La Salle College High School has built on its historic foundation of excellence, faith, accomplishment and personal transformation to become even more nimble to meet the ever-changing needs of students and parents in a dynamic educational environment.

Today, La Salle College High School provides opportunities for young men to probe, question, discover and learn in modern, high-tech and high energy ways, guided by a faith that is unapologetically Catholic, yet non-judgmental. We are a school where success breeds success, where young men are encouraged to dream big and then pushed to work hard to achieve their dreams. We see this every day in the classrooms, laboratories, concert stages and fields of play. But mostly we see it in the men who leave our campus geared for action in their professions and in a lifetime commitment to service and mentoring.

Throughout the year, La Salle College High School will produce a series of articles, social media posts and events that remind us where we've come from since 1982 and, more importantly, to show where we're headed. For the faculty, staff and students of La Salle College High School, this is a never-ending journey; a journey that begins here on this beautiful campus and then reaches to the far corners of the world -- or as far as our imaginations will allow.

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