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College Counseling - April Update

College Counseling Department

Gerard M. Brett
Director of College Counseling


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Transitioning to College
April 23, 2014
7:00 pm

Please join us on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 7:00pm in the auditorium for a presentation by Kathy Byrnes, Associate Vice President for Student Life at Villanova University.

The evening will focus on: 

- Initial transition to college life
- College experience in general
- Keys to success
- Personal decision making
- Building relationships
- Developing grit
- Best practices

All seniors who receive any scholarship or grant awards from any college (whether or not they intend to enroll) must bring a copy of the award letter to the College Counseling Center as soon as it is received. In order for a student’s name to appear in the Graduation Program as a scholarship recipient, he must follow this procedure.

Be prepared to enroll at ONE college by that college’s registration deadline. May 1st is the date viewed by the collegiate community as the universal reply date for regular admission. You will be required to send an admission and/or housing deposit to confirm your enrollment intentions.

Under no circumstances should you enroll and deposit at more than one college!!

After the student has committed to a college he should write a letter or send an email informing all other colleges of his intention to enroll elsewhere. This is an obligation to be taken seriously. It enables other students who may be “wait listed” to move up on that waiting list.

Students who are waitlisted, who wish to still be considered for admission, should immediately respond to the college that they wish to remain on the waiting list. Students should also speak with their college counselor and email or send the local college representative for La Salle College High School a note letting the college admissions officer how strongly they wish to attend that particular college. Students should also send their 3rd quarter report card to the college. However, something to consider is a recent quote from a college admissions officer who talks about colleges not ranking students on their waiting lists. Instead, decisions about who will rise to the top are often a function of what admissions offices perceive as “deficiencies” in their upcoming freshman class. There might be, for example, a surplus of aspiring engineers and not enough potential English majors, or too few students from Florida, or there might be an unexpected shortage of oboe players. 

A final transcript will be sent in June by the College Counseling Office to the ONE college where your son is enrolling so it is important that seniors notify Mrs. O’Connell of their final choice. Please be aware that we have many examples of colleges that have reconsidered or rescinded admissions decision do to a slump in senior year grades.

We encourage the seniors to inform teachers about their college plans and to thank them for writing letters of recommendation on their behalf. 


Pennsylvania Catholic Colleges Fair
April 8, 2014
12:00 - 12:45 pm

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 the Pennsylvania Catholic Colleges will be hosting a fair from 12:00pm-12:45pm (6th period) in the gym. All juniors are encouraged to attend.

Main Line College Fair
April 29, 2014
6:30 pm
The Pavilion
Villanova University

Villanova University will host the
Main Line College Fair on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 pm at The Pavilion on the Villanova campus. Admission counselors from over 300 hundred colleges and universities will be present to discuss entrance requirements, curriculum offerings, and financial aid. The event will provide students and their families the opportunity to gather information about colleges and universities from across the country.

Visits to college campuses are most important in finding the right match. Make every effort to visit campuses while college classes are in session to get a realistic view of campus life. Easter Break is an excellent time for these visits. Students should make a reservation online through the college admission websites or call the admissions office. Students should remember to email the Admission Office after the tour and interview.

A list of academic and community service summer programs for sophomores and juniors is available on our College Counseling website at the Pre-College Summer Programs link. Many of these programs take place on college campuses locally, nationally, and internationally.

Juniors are reminded to be aware that April 4th is the deadline for the May 3rd SAT. Many selective colleges require or recommend SAT Subject Tests for admission or placement. If you plan on applying to one of these selective colleges consider taking the SAT Subject Tests on June 7th with a May 9th registration date. The ACT registration deadline is May 9th for the June 14th test. Remember to register for the Writing Section when taking the ACT. See the Standardized Testing tab on our website for details. 

Also check out the Prep Me tab on Naviance for sample SAT and ACT questions, full sample tests, and tutorials – an excellent way to prepare for standardized tests at no cost to parents and students. Standardized test scores play a significant part in college admissions and scholarship competitions.

Students hoping to play intercollegiate sports should check out the
NCAA Eligibility tab for a clearer understanding of the recruiting process and the NCAA Eligibility requirements. Contact coaches and the college counselors with questions.  As mentioned at Information Night for Parents of Juniors, another good source of information is The Winning Edge, the Student-Athlete’s Guide to College Sports published by Octameron Press.

With the costs of college education increasing, now is a good time to investigate scholarship programs at the
Scholarship Information link. For comprehensive information about financial aid, check out College Links and Resources. An early estimate of eligibility for federal and state financial aid, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), can be calculated at the FAFSA4caster site. Please avail of the Net Price Calculator tools that all colleges provide on their websites.

Parents of juniors are reminded to return to the College Counseling Center the Parent’s Perspective forms if they have not already done so.

Juniors are reminded of the importance of thoughtfully completing their Junior College Questionnaire Part 1 (due March 21st) and Part 2 (due May 17th) for Group Advisory Class. These questions are a building block for the college search and application process. They are a step-by-step way of managing the process in an effective way. The syllabus for the College Advisory classes can be found on the Student Portal.

An important reminder as the semester progresses: GPA and rigor of curriculum are the two top criteria for admission to college. Spring is the time for renewed motivation and best effort. It is also time to think about asking a teacher, preferably from junior year, to consider writing a letter of recommendation for senior year college applications. Remember that writing letters of recommendation is a very time-consuming and is a voluntary service on the part of our faculty.