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Theater Program Performs One Act Plays

The Theater Program at La Salle College High School performed six different one act plays – including three student-written and student-directed shows, Art For Fartsake and Harambe: The Play by junior Matt Harkins and Family Business by fellow junior Quinn Giongo – as part of the school's 4th Annual One Act Play Festival held in the Auditorium on October 14-15, 2016. Directed by Mr. Mark Norman, Mr. Michael McCabe, and Mr. Michael Sabatino, a group of ten actors and actresses staged two performances of the following plays:

The Complete History of America (Abridged) — In this three person play, Lauren, Nathan, and Matt will take the audience on a satirical ride through early American history.
Lauren - Lauren Esser '18 (GMA)
Nathan - Nathan Esser '20
Matt - Matt Harkins '18

Art for Fartsake — Remember that one art class you took? This show, written by junior Matt Harkins, will help jog your memory.
Narrator - Jake Weyand '18
Guru - Nathan Esser '20
Drill Sergeant - Bryan Nolan '19
Lazy Teacher - Chris Biddle '19

McLaughlin Group — In this skit from Saturday Night Live, a group of five pundits discuss 1990 political issues in a round table format. This skit was made popular by Dana Carvey and the show "The McLaughlin Group," which ran through August of 2016 switching between several networks.
Narrator - Jake Weyand '18
John - Bryan Nolan '19
Jack - Chris Biddle '19
Pat - Bruno Shiffman '17
Eleanor - Kathryn Murphy '17 (MSJA)
Morton - Quinn Giongo '18

Family Business — In this short four scene play, written by junior Quinn Giongo, two brothers who have a bitter relationship are forced to bond together when their mother falls ill. Family is important... and so is money.
Emmett - Matt Harkins '18
Ron - Quinn Giongo '18
Mother - Kathryn Murphy '17 (MSJA)

Harambe: The Play — Based on multiple true stories, and written by junior Matt Harkins, a play writer finds that not everyone wants to see his show.
Matt Harkins - Matt Harkins '17
Mr. McCabe - Bruno Shiffman '17
Mr. Norman - Bryan Nolan '19
Harambe - Quinn Giongo '18
Narrator - Justin Leary '20
Mother - Lauren Esser '18 (GMA)
Zookeeper - Chris Biddle '19

Couple's Therapy — A one scene play, written by junior Matt Harkins, a couple seeks some counseling but the therapist has more work than he thought.
Karen - Kathryn Murphy '17 (MSJA)
Michael - Matt Harkins '18
Dr. Greene - Jake Weyand '18
Receptionist - Justin Leary '20