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Academic Affairs Office Announces New Courses For 2017-18

Academic Affairs Office Announces New Courses For 2017-18

The Course Registration process for La Salle Students has begun for the 2017-18 School Year.


Course Registration Season Begins

The kickoff of registration season always brings with it a feeling of hope and optimism in fresh starts and new opportunities, something totally welcomed in the month of February each year. Currently, the freshmen and sophomores are beginning the deliberation process with their grade level counselors in Group Advisory classes about registering for classes for the next academic year.

The juniors will begin with their college counselors at the beginning of the next cycle in a few days. After presentations, reflections on their available course options including faculty recommended courses, individual consultations with counselors, and dialog with parents, the students will submit their course requests by mid-March.

Click Here to view the 2017-18 Program of Studies.

Curricular Enhancements for 2017-18

Our faculty and administration continually examine our course offerings looking for opportunities to rethink or update our curriculum to meet the needs of the students in our building. Each fall, the Academic Council entertains proposals from departments for enhancements to our curriculum.

We are delighted to announce that we will add four new courses for the 2017-18 school year: American Crime Fiction (juniors/seniors), Forensic Science (juniors/seniors), Principles of Engineering (seniors), and Print Design Management (sophomores/juniors/seniors).

In addition, the two Computer Aided Design courses will be revamped to focus on project-based learning and design principles and to compliment the senior-level new elective in Engineering. Consequently, those two courses have undergone changes in the course titles: Introduction to Engineering Design and Advanced Engineering Design.

Annual rotations of courses also will take place bringing onboard the new English elective American Crime Fiction and bringing back the Classic and Renaissance Literature course, as well as the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course. All in all, we currently have the capacity to run over 165 courses.

Our Advanced Multimedia Production Students have recently started a Podcast Series focusing on various aspects of LSCHS. Enjoy this episode for more information on new courses and the course registration process. You can also subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes at