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La Salle Robotics Team Wins Judge's Award for Curriculum Inspiration

La Salle Robotics Team Wins Judge's Award for Curriculum Inspiration

This is the first time in the team's five year history that Team 5181 received the First Robotics Judge's Award.


La Salle Robotics (Team 5181) competed in Power Up, the FIRST Robotics Competition's 2018 game that is centered around the early days of video games during the weekend of March 16th at Springside-Chestnut Hill Academy.

The team has spent the past two months designing, building, and programming the 2018 robot, Scrappy. Throughout the qualification matches, members of the team worked at demonstrating to the other competing teams that our robot would make for a reliable playoff alliance partner. By the end of the qualification matches, La Salle was the ranked #1 of 31 at delivering Power Cubes through the exchange to eventually be installed in The Vault.

As a result of the team's efforts, La Salle graciously accepted an invitation from alliance captain, The Firebirds (Team 433) from Mount Saint Joseph's Academy. Rounding out the 6th seed alliance was E=McD from Bishop McDevitt High School. The all Catholic school alliance headed into the best-of-three quarterfinals with high hopes. After losing the first match, the alliance battled back to win the second match edging out their competitors. However, a technical malfunction on E=McD's bot during the tie-break game allowed an opening for the opposition to capitalize, and the alliance's hopes for a victory were cut short.

Video Feature Produced by Media Intern Brian Gelbach of La Salle University

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With the robot competition over, La Salle Robotics waited anxiously to see if their presentations and interviews were enough to impress the judges. Members of the team are interviewed throughout the tournament weekend, and other team members present how the robotics team has emulated a model robotics team over the last five years.

For their efforts, the team was awarded the Judge's Award for Curriculum Inspiration. The judges had this to say about team 5181, "This team worked closely with their school to establish three c's: Class, Club, and Camp. They contributed mentorship, fundraising, and curriculum design to help build STEM knowledge. These Explorers of education are pointing the way forward. Team 5181, La Salle College High School wins the Judges' award for Curriculum Inspiration." This is the first time in the team's five year history that they received the Judge's Award, and all team members were ecstatic that their hard work paid off.

The robotics team is currently working to improve their design to optimize the robot's capabilities in time for their upcoming competition at Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School. The team will be competing on Friday and Saturday (3/30-3/31).

Watch the livestream of the event here ( , or come out and support La Salle as we Power Up at Hatboro-Horsham!