Over 120 Rising Seniors Live the Lasallian Mission Through Summer Service

Over 120 Rising Seniors Live the Lasallian Mission Through Summer Service

Twenty-Five Faculty Members joined the 128 students for a total of 4896 hours of Community Service performed this summer.


One-hundred twenty-eight members of the La Salle College High School Class of 2017, along with twenty-five faculty members volunteered one week of their time this summer living the Lasallian Mission through Community Service throughout North America. The students provided 4,900 man-hours of Community Service to those in need.

Whether traveling several hundred miles to the mountains of Appalachia, thousands of miles to the islands of the Caribbean, desert regions of California's farm belt, the remote lands of the Native Americans in Arizona and Montana, or just up I-95 to the Bronx, students were immersed in the realities of poverty, and learned first-hand about a broad spectrum of social justice issues – immigration, homelessness, healthcare, education, etc.

In addition, students are exposed to the proud cultural aspects of various communities, thereby opening up their understanding of the unique cultures that make up this diverse world we live in, while also recognizing the incredible level of commonality we share.

Learn more about La Salle's Commitment To Service at www.lschs.org/Service.

Enjoy Photos from all of the Service Trips:

Project Appalachia (West Virginia):http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3856

Operation Gulf Coast (New Orleans): http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3857

Coachella Migrant Experience (California): http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3861

Navajo Nation (Arizona): http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3860

Caribbean Mission - Puerto Rico: http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3859

Caribbean Mission - St. Lucia: http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3863

Bronx, NY Experience: http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3862

De La Salle Blackeet (Montana): http://www.lschs.org/cf_media/index.cfm?g=3866

Bolivia Service Trip: http://www.lschs.org/page.cfm?p=13462

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