Stotesbury Cup Regatta Celebrates 50th Anniversary of La Salle's 1966 Championship Season

At the famous Stotesbury Cup Regatta this weekend, members of the 1966 Crew plan to row again to celebrate the 50th anniversary of an exceptional regatta for La Salle College High School - victories in the Senior Eights, the Varsity Quadruple Sculls, and the Varsity Double Sculls along with the Junior Varsity Eight. Rowers will celebrate together with their coach, George C. Hines '46, who coached La Salle rowing from 1956 to 1968, is a member of both the Hall of Fame and Hall of Athletics at La Salle College High School, and exerted a positive influence on many of his rowers that lasted throughout their adult lives.

On Saturday, during the regatta's midday recess, these rowers will participate in a ceremonial row from the area of the Strawberry Mansion Bridge to the grandstand, where they will join Coach Hines, current La Salle coaches, and regatta officials to commemorate their achievement.

The members of the Boys Senior Eight who won the Stotesbury Cup in 1966 were:

  • A.J. Johnson '67 (Coxswain)
  • Guy Sciolla '66 (Stroke)
  • Paul Laskow '66 (7 Seat)
  • Frank Wesner '66 (6 Seat)
  • John Kowalski '67 (5 Seat)
  • Michael Fitzgibbons '67 (4 Seat)
  • Steve Fox '67 (3 Seat)
  • James Matthews '66 (2 Seat)
  • Joseph McGowan '66 (Bow)

Bob Cody '66 (Stroke) and Jay Radovich '66 (Bow) shared the McIlvaine Cup for Varsity Double Sculls, while the Sonzogni Cup for Varsity Quadruple Sculls went to Rich Krieppe '66 (Stroke), Christopher Lehman '66 (3 Seat), Larry Rieffel '66 (2 Seat), and Joe Murphy '66 (Bow).

La Salle wishes these alumni rowers well on the anniversary of their memorable victories and wishes every success to the eight boats that will be competing at Stotesbury this year.

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