Student Reflection on Lasallian Summer Service by Brendan Price '17

Student Reflection on Lasallian Summer Service by Brendan Price '17

Brendan attended the Caribbean Mission Summer Service Trip to Saint Lucia and is a three-sport Varsity athlete.


The high school years can be best described as a juggling act. High schoolers are always trying to properly divide their time between athletics, academics, and social time with their friends. My past three years at La Salle have truly been a circus act of trying to balance it all. Throughout my three years at La Salle and going into my senior year, I have been involved with varsity sports, including: Cross Country, Indoor Track and Field, and Outdoor Track and Field.

My involvement also reaches into National Honor Society, the Ministry and Service Leadership team, and a plethora of service trips, including: Operation Santa Claus, Sarnelli House, Urban Immersion, and this past summer a service trip to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. What has made these high school years so unforgettable has been my involvement in the running program and the ministry and service programs. The running program and the service opportunities at La Salle are what made my experience worthwhile and amazing.

My involvement with the Track Teams and Lasallian service has made me who I am today. Each activity has helped me develop my efforts in the other activity. Doing the service programs at La Salle has always allowed me to take a step back and open my eyes on what really matters in life, which is making an impact in other's lives. The people I have met on the service trips have given me an abundance of knowledge that has changed my mindset on life.

On my service trip to St. Lucia, I met people who have so little in material goods, yet are so thankful for the life they have. These people have shown me that true wealth is not measured materialistically, but rather in spirit and faith in God. I saw great example of this type of thankfulness firsthand on my trip to Saint Lucia. Here, I met a kid named Mikey Clovis. Mikey is a seventeen year-old kid who is no different than me. However, he is so strong in his faith with the Lord, and he really showed me what true spirituality is and how to shape that around everyday life. Mikey's spirituality shocked my system and made me so grateful for the gifts and abilities I have been given in life, especially my running. It is because of these opportunities of service that I go to practice every day with a smile, excited to improve my God-given talent.

To be successful in life, my parents always told me, "You have find something you love to do and when you do, that is when success will come." I have always enjoyed running for La Salle and being a part of the team, but after taking part in service I have learned to love to run and make every race an opportunity to use my gift. Sometimes just stepping back and taking a look around can benefit you immensely, both in athletics and in life.

Overall, if anything is taken away from this reflection, I hope it is that doing service and being an athlete can be done. In fact, the service will improve your ability to perform on the field, court, or track. Service will allow you as an athlete to truly enjoy competing with your brothers. Students and teachers always say, "You are not taking in the full La Salle experience if you simply go home at 2:15 every day." I have learned that being a Lasallian student is about finding a passion and making an impact on others using that gift.

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