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La Salle Robotics Team Advances To District Championships at Lehigh University

Hello LaSalle Robotics Fans!

It’s been a while since we last checked in. Since we last had a status update, Explorer was hot off the heels of our first competition. We had done exceedingly well and were well on our way to qualifying for our district championships.

This past weekend was a roller coaster for our team. Initially we had some issues with consistency, and our ranking was lower than we would have liked. However, Sunday was the ultimate comeback. Everything begun to simply click, and we took off.

We finished very well on Sunday, being selected by an alliance for the bracket-style eliminations and finishing in the semifinals. All said and done, we’ve had a great season so far, and will certainly be heading to play in the Mid-Atlantic Region District Championship at Lehigh University. In fact, because of our team’s merit in providing STEM education to our local community, we were selected to compete for the Engineering Inspiration award at the District Championship.

Two teams out of eight win the award, and if we win, it is a direct ticket to the world championships in Detroit, Michigan. Exciting things are hopefully in store for FRC Team 5181, Explorer.

Until next time, this is Explorer, over and out, and don’t forget to tune into the Livestream of our District Championship from April 4 to April 6 (look out for 5181, that’s us.)

By Collin Price '20
Team 5181

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