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Project Paperback Supports La Salle Responds With $1,000 Donation

Project Paperback, run by the Explorers Inc. Club, presented Mrs. Carol Haggerty with a check for $1,000 to be used for La Salle Responds initiatives. 

Project Paperback is a small student run business which recycles paperback books donated by La Salle students from their summer reading and academic classes.  All donated school paperbacks are resold to other students for $4/book.  All proceeds are donated to charity. 

This year Project Paperback has made donations to La Salle Responds twice, the Travis Manion Foundation, Bryn & Dane’s Uganda Initiative, Go Fund Me for a La Salle Family, the Tom Turner Sunshine Club and Broadway Wishes/Make A Wish Foundation.  Almost $2000 has been given to charity with the sale of almost 500 paperback books.  Explorers Inc. is getting ready for end of year donations and sales as students clean out lockers and book bags so other students can purchase their summer reading books or books for next year. 

Project Paperback is open for business on Tuesdays, during Exam Week or by contacting Patti Finlay at

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