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Class of 2021 Welcome

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The Academic Affairs Office would like to offer a warm welcome to all of the students and parents from the Class of 2021!

This webpage is tailored specifically for incoming freshmen and provides information that will assist students with selecting their courses, taking placement tests, and submitting forms required for the upcoming year. All tasks requiring action from students/parents are listed in bold below, and are sorted chronologically by their respective due dates. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Affairs Office at (215) 402 – 4896.

Required Forms

All students are required to complete and submit all forms listed below.


Friday, March 10th, 2017 (return by mail)


On Friday, April 7, an updated Transportation Form was mailed to all families of the Class of 2021 detailing three new private bus routes. If you son's commute to La Salle is affected by our new offerings, please fill out the updated Transportation Form.

Visit our transportation page for a detailed listing of the stops of all eight of our private bus routes.


Mrs. Wheatley, (215) 402-4896 /

The start of every school year naturally necessitates the submission of documentation needed to establish various permissions, as well as the collection of pertinent family information. For your information, all forms listed below were mailed home to all parents/guardians of the Class of 2021 this past February. This mailing included a return envelope, indicating a due date of Friday, March 10th. In the event that additional copies are needed, please find all forms below.

Timeline for Course Selection & Placement Testing

Course Selection & Placement Test Form

All students are required to complete and submit their respective “Course Selection & Placement Test” form.


Friday, March 24th, 2017 (complete and submit online form)


  • Any questions or inquiries about placement test dates and logistics should be sent to Mrs. Wheatley, / (215) 402-4896
  • Any questions regarding the curriculum and/or what placement tests a student should take should be sent via email to the respective Academic Department Chairperson. Please refer to page 10 of the “Curriculum, Placement & Contact Information” document (link below).


The online “Course Selection & Placement Test Form” will help both students and the school with identifying which courses each student will most likely take next year. All instructions and detailed information regarding course work and placement tests are both embedded in the online form, as well as outlined in the “Curriculum, Placement and Contact Information" document. Please note that once placement tests have been completed, a letter containing verification regarding the courses each student qualifies for will be sent to parents/students the first week of June.

Click HERE to complete the “Course Selection & Placement Test Form.”

Upcoming Communications – June, 2017

  • Verification of course placements
  • Summer assignment information
  • School start-up forms, dates, and instructions