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The Academic Affairs Office would like to offer a warm welcome to all of the students and families from the Class of 2023!

This webpage has been tailored specifically for the Class of 2023 and will be used as the primary resource for providing information to families for the upcoming school year. All of the tasks required of new incoming students have been included on this webpage, are grouped by their required date of completion and contain explanations and resources for completing each one of them. Additionally, these tasks and events have been intentionally spread out over the course of several months, in an effort to further assist in making our families’ transition to La Salle as easy as possible.

Be on the lookout for monthly email communications!

Please be aware that a monthly communication will be sent from the school, which will provide students and parents/guardians with reminders and details for all upcoming events, tasks, and/or deadlines. 

Need assistance or have any questions?


If at any time students or parents/guardians have any questions, please refer to the specific contact person(s) responsible for each event or task noted on this website.


Timeline of Academic Tasks and Important Dates



Registration Process

Class of 2023 Registration Process - March 2019


1.     (Event) Sunday, March 10thWelcome Mass & Academic Orientation (held on-campus)

This day is an important event where we will come together to celebrate the Holy Eucharist as a class for the first time, as well as provide multiple opportunities to speak with Academic Department Chairpersons to learn more about courses and the curriculum. We will also detail the timeline and resources needed to complete all of the required tasks between now and the start of the school year. Students and parents will be provided with their credentials to logon to the La Salle computer network. 

2.     (Task) Complete the following task by March 22, 2019

Registration & Placement Test Questionnaire

The online “Course Selection & Placement Test Questionnaire” will help students and the school to identify which courses each student will most likely take next year. All instructions and information regarding course work and placement tests are embedded in the online questionnaire form. Information is also outlined in the “Placement Information for the Incoming Class of 2023document.  Please note that once placement tests have been completed, a letter containing verification of the courses students qualify for will be sent to students/parents within the first two weeks of June.

To complete the online Registration & Placement Test Questionnaire, please click on the link below:

Class of 2023 Registration & Placement Test Questionairre


3.     (Task) Complete the following task by March 22, 2019

Please complete the following steps to login to the enrollment portal:

  1. Click on the below link "Login to Parent Portal"
  2. Enter username and password provided to you via email to login to the Parent Portal
  3. Underneath the section "My Forms/Documents," click on the "Re-enrollment/Verify Family Profile" link.

Login to Parent Portal

Once logged into the system, parents will be asked to review their profile and information and Complete the Profile Verification form.


For questions regarding registration fees or family information, please email Mrs. Wheatley in the Academic Affairs office by clicking here.

For technical support with login / accessing the online portal, please click here to send an email and create a support ticket.

Class of 2023 Registration Process - April 2019


1.     (Events) – Placement tests for Math, Science, and World Language will be held on-campus between 3:00PM and 5:30PM on the following days:

  • Tuesday, April 23
  • Wednesday, April 24
  • Monday, April 29
  • Tuesday, April 30

2.     (Events) – Auditions for the music program will be held on-campus between 3:00PM and 5:30PM on the following days::

  • Wednesday, April 24
  • Tuesday, April 30


  • The “Registration & Placement Test Questionnaire,” a task to be completed by March 22nd, is where you will sign-up for placement tests and/or auditions.
  • Need to reschedule a placement test date(s) after you have already submitted your questionnaire? No problem! Please do so by clicking here.
  • For questions regarding the curriculum and/or what placement tests a student should take in a particular subject area, please email the respective Academic Department Chairperson. Contact information can be found on page 11 of the Placement Information for the Incoming Class of 2023document.  
  • For technical support with the online questionnaire form, please click here to send an email and create a support ticket.
  • For all other questions, please email Mrs. Wheatley in the Academic Affairs office by clicking here.

Class of 2023 Registration Process - May 2023

1.     (Task) Complete the following tasks by May 31st, 2019

1. Final Transcript & Medical Release Form (pdf) - This form should be filled out by incoming juniors only.

final transcript and medical release form

2.Legacy Data Form (online form) - This brief, online form aids the school with more accurately identifying information about parents, as well as current or past family members who have attended La Salle College High School. All students are asked to complete the form, even if the student currently has a sibling(s) in the school or, if the student did not have any family member(s) attend La Salle College High School.

Legacy DatA FORM 

3.Guidance Form (online form) – This brief, online form is intended to collect and share information that will assist grade level counselors with communication with each family, in addition to information that will be helpful with providing guidance and support respective to student’s individual needs. All students are asked to complete the form, even if the student currently has a sibling(s) in the school or, if a students’ sibling(s) have recently graduated.

Guidance Form

4.Gym Uniform Inventory Form (online form) – This brief, online form is intended to assist the Campus Store with more accurately stocking our inventory of gym uniforms, in an effort to ensure that appropriate sizes will be available to our incoming freshmen. For your information, gym uniforms will be available for purchase in the Campus Store at the start of the school year.

Gym Uniform survey Form

5.Transportation Form (online form) – This brief, online form is intended to assist parents with communicating respective choices for transportation for the upcoming school year, and where appropriate, associated fees for respective transportation options. All students are asked to complete this form.

Transportation Form

To complete the tasks listed above, please click on the respective buttons.





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We strongly recommend setting up your La Salle email on your phone using the following steps:

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    Student Devices

    Student Devices

    La Salle College High School’s Technology Vision seeks to provide an environment that empowers students through access to technology for the communication of information and ideas.

    To that end, La Salle’s Device of Choice Program will allow students to utilize the device with which they are most comfortable to access La Salle’s technology infrastructure. All students are expected to have their laptop ready for the technology orientation sessions in August. Click the button below to read more about the Device of Choice Program and what devices to purchase. 

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