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Concentrations Program


The La Salle College High School Concentrations Program will take learning to another level and allow students to embark on an innovative journey where they can experience various career fields and earn credentials during their high school years.  By navigating a pathway through elective classes, clubs, and experiential learning activities as well as linked course content, interviews, service-learning opportunities, and independent research, our young men will gain unparalleled academic and real-world insights.  These customized pathways will enable our young men to discover and pursue their passions.  As a result, connections will be made across subject areas and deeper more meaningful learning will take place. 

A student in our program can expect to work on and off campus connecting his experiences in pursuit of his goals and the deepest levels of understanding.  La Salle students in a concentration will take senior seminar courses, create professional portfolios, and complete capstone projects.  This rigorous experience will serve our students in a variety of ways, but most importantly will facilitate the development of the skills, habits, work ethic, and character needed in our world today.  In addition, the Concentrations Program will help an individual to decipher if these fields are potential college majors or career options for them and inspire them to learn more and do more with that knowledge. 


Engineering has been a much sought-after college major for many of our graduates. The Engineering Concentration provides La Salle students with a clear understanding of what pursuing an engineering degree involves and what being an engineer really entails. This information is critical when considering an engineering major in college. The Engineering Concentration provides our young men the opportunity to complete coursework, participate in site visits and internships, and work on projects that provide them with tools they will use in studying engineering, but more importantly the critical thinking skills necessary for all engineers.

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Global Business

Business professionals have a broad range of career opportunities and individuals with expertise are in high demand.  This is one of the reasons many young people pursue a business degree at university.  Students who complete the Global Business concentration at La Salle will have an understanding of their own strengths and interests and how they intersect different business fields.  Young men in this program will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding the pursuit of a business career.  Global Business students will understand and experience business that is both local and international.  They will learn, practice, and develop habits of mind, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, leadership, and ethical business practices.  Through guest lectures, field trips, immersion experiences, site visits, and mentoring, students will learn and network with business professionals who will provide relevant and current insights into the business career field.

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IT Professional

La Salle College High School has always been at the forefront of technology.  The IT Professional Concentration will allow students to immerse themselves in the ever-changing field of technology.  Students in the program will take industry-standard courses, work in the Lab Manager Program, and gain relevant experience on La Salle’s campus and beyond.  To that end, this concentration will prepare students for a future in the technology industry.  Classes will provide a background in networking, cybersecurity, and cloud computing while extracurricular activities provide hands-on experience to cultivate real-world technology skills.

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Music Production

Music Business and Technology degrees are growing rapidly at the collegiate level. La Salle College High School’s Music Business and Technology Concentration provides our students a clear viewpoint of pursuing this degree. Students will learn in a project-based curriculum in our state of the art music lab, will participate in internships and site visits at local recording studios, and will have opportunities to run sound independently in and outside of the classroom.

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Digital Media and Communications

In 2023,La Salle College High School will launch a Digital Media and Communication Concentration Program that will expose students to an assortment of careers in media that are constantly evolving. Students will use the WEXPtv Media Program’s state-of-the-art studio to jumpstart themselves on paths towards careers in journalism, video production, social media, digital marketing, public relations, Esports and various other iterations of content creation. Students will incorporate Digital Media Tools from Adobe Creative Cloud, become Certified Professionals through our partnership with Certiport and produce award-winning content for La Salle College High School, as well as for their own personal brands.

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