Concentrations Program

The La Salle College High School Concentrations Program will take learning to another level and allow students to embark on an innovative journey where they can experience various career fields and earn credentials during their high school years.  By navigating a pathway through elective classes, clubs, and experiential learning activities as well as linked course content, interviews, service-learning opportunities, and independent research, our young men will gain unparalleled academic and real-world insights.  These customized pathways will enable our young men to discover and pursue their passions.  As a result, connections will be made across subject areas and deeper more meaningful learning will take place. 

A student in our program can expect to work on and off campus connecting his experiences in pursuit of his goals and the deepest levels of understanding.  La Salle students in a concentration will take senior seminar courses, create professional portfolios, and complete capstone projects.  This rigorous experience will serve our students in a variety of ways, but most importantly will facilitate the development of the skills, habits, work ethic, and character needed in our world today.  In addition, the Concentrations Program will help an individual to decipher if these fields are potential college majors or career options for them and inspire them to learn more and do more with that knowledge. 

News About Our Concentrations Program

Global Business Concentration Program Offers First-Hand Guidance, Experience

Global Business is the newest of what are now three concentration programs developed at the school in the past year. Like the IT Professional Concentration and the Engineering Concentration, Global Business students will take seminar courses, create professional portfolios and complete capstone projects. The program will include guest lectures, field trips, immersion experiences, site visits, and above all mentoring from La Salle’s loyal alums.