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Global business

Business professionals have a broad range of career opportunities and individuals with expertise are in high demand, and is one of the reasons many young people pursue a business degree at university.  Students who complete the Global Business concentration at La Salle will have an understanding of their own strengths and interests and how they intersect different business fields, and young men in this program will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding the pursuit of a business career.  Global Business students will understand and experience business that is both local and international.  They will learn, practice, and develop habits of mind, critical thinking, from interpersonal skills, leadership, and ethical decision making.  Through guest lectures, field trips, immersion experiences, site visits, and mentoring, students will learn, and create a network with business professionals who will provide relevant and current insights in their career field.

For more information, contact the Concentration Coordinator, Br. Anthony Baginski.