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Diocesan Scholars Program

Each year, mature, exceptional, high school students are invited to consider a special program called the Diocesan Scholars Program.  This program allows them to enroll - for free - in up to two courses in the fall and in the spring in one of the twelve Catholic colleges and universities in the area.  The program is run through the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  Students who successfully complete the courses will receive a college transcript and potentially transferable credits. 

We are pleased to inform you that due to your academic commitment and performance to date at La Salle College High School, you are eligible to apply to this program.  We, at La Salle, must be selective and have a limited number of slots each year.  We recognize that this opportunity is not a good fit for every accelerated student here, but there may be some students with special circumstances who might jump at this chance for a unique educational experience. 

Diocesan Scholars Program Letter

Letter from the Central Committee for the Diocesan Scholars Program

Application Materials

  1. Application and College Selection Form
  2. Instructions for the three written reflections
  3. Faculty Recommendation Form (need 2)
  4. Student Commitment and Parent/Guardian Permission Form