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La Salle’s Pre-7th and Pre-8th Summer Enrichment Program


Program Highlights

  • Alternating weekly themed classes in Stem and Improv
  • Preparation for the High School Placement Test (The HSPT)
  • Classes in art, science, technology, math, and English
  • 80% of students improved their score in the HSPT with 45% improving by more than 10 points.
  • Attendees from the 2023 summer program earned nearly $900,000 in four-year scholarships to La Salle.
  • Contact Steve Horvath ( with any questions.

Parent Testimonials

100% of surveyed parents from last year would recommend the program. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “My son loved the program.”
  • “My daughter loved photography and the art rooms”
  • “He came home excited to tell us about his entire day”
  • “It was a great combo of fun and learning in a relaxed environment.”
  • “Invaluable opportunity to prepare for the Fall placement test.”
  • “It made him feel more comfortable taking the entrance exam this fall as an 8th grader”
  • “As usual, great program”
  • “The program was a pleasure…It has been seamless since day one!!”