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    Notable Alumni

    Paul J. Arizin '46
    NBA Hall of Fame

    Leonard S. Bosack '69
    Cisco Systems

    Major General William F. Burns '50
    Commanding Officer (Retired)
    U.S. Army

    Hon. August B. Cifelli, Esq. '43
    Supreme Court of Michigan

    William de Pasquale '51
    Philadelphia Orchestra

    A. Frank Donaghue '72
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Red Cross

    Charles E. Dunleavy, Jr. '61
    Vice Chairman
    GMAC Commercial Holding Corporation

    Rear Admiral John B. Foley III '65
    Commanding Officer (Retired)
    U.S. Navy

    Leo G. Frangipane, MD '65
    Best Seller Author
    More True Blue Tales

    Charles A. Genuardi '66
    Genuardi Super Markets, Inc.

    John E. Glaser '58
    Stutz Candy Co., Inc.

    Thomas J. Gola '51
    NBA Hall Of Fame

    Inspector Carl W. Holmes, Jr. '83
    Commanding Officer
    Philadelphia Police Academy

    Mark Juliano '72
    Gaming Industry Leader

    Hon. George T. Kenney, Jr. '75
    Pennsylvania State Representative
    D – Philadelphia County

    John M. Kilduff '64
    Retired President and
    Chief Operating Officer
    Dr. Pepper Company

    Karl M. Kyriss '68
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Aqua PA

    Howard R. Leary '35
    Commissioner (1963-70)
    Philadelphia Police Department

    John F. Lehman, Jr., PhD '60
    Secretary of the Navy (1981-87)

    Thomas J. Lynch '58
    Past President
    Union League of Philadelphia

    Christopher J. Matthews '63
    Television Commentator - Hardball
    Syndicated Columnist – San Francisco Examiner

    Michael McCafferty '60
    Founder - TeleMagic
    Founder - Landmark National Bank

    Bro. Michael J. McGinniss, FSC, PhD '65
    La Salle University

    Brigadier General Joseph T. McMenamin '70
    Commanding Officer
    U.S. Marine Corps Training Base
    Paris Island, SC

    Hugh T. Panaro '82
    Leading Broadway Actor
    Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables,
    Showboat, Martin Guerre, Side Show

    Thomas F. Pyle, Jr. '58
    Retired President and Chief Operating Officer
    Rayovac Corporation

    Francis J. Ryan '49
    Retired President and Chief Operating Officer
    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

    Hon. Michael J. Stack, III, Esq. '82
    Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania
    D – Philadelphia County

    Walter L. Updegrave '70
    Senior Editor – Money Magazine
    Best Selling Author – Investing For The Financially Challenged

    Daniel J. Whelan, Esq. '63
    Retired President and Chief Executive Officer
    Verizon Communications, Inc.

    William J. Whelan '55 Alumni Service Award

    The Alumni Service Award was established in 2001 in an effort to recognize the dedicated and consistent service of an alumnus to La Salle College High School. The award is presented in memory of William J. Whelan '55, a man of both kindness and principle, who at all times was a loyal son of La Salle. Bill was a friend and teacher, and the identification of this award to his life reflects the true spirit of his service to La Salle and its alumni.

    2017 - Joseph C. Magarity '70
    2017 - John J. Lombard, Jr., Esq. '52
    2016 - Michael P. Meehan, Esq. '74
    2015 - William J. Wasylenko, Jr. '69
    2014 - Walter J. Kaminski '62
    2013 - Gerald P. O'Neill '55
    2012 - Edwin J. Feeny, Jr. '62
    2012 - Honorable William J. Benz, Esq., '72
    2011 - Joseph H. Donahue '58
    2011 - William P. Loughery '70
    2010 - James E. McCloskey '64
    2010 - John C. Fenningham, Esq., '68
    2009 - Lawrence H. Wentz ’55
    2009 - Timothy J. Foley ’66
    2008 - William R. Regli ’58
    2008 - John V. Steinmetz ’77
    2007 - Peter P. Muessig ’45
    2006 - Walter J. Small ’38
    2005 - Philip E. Cassidy ’70
    2004 - Francis W. Pfluger ’50
    2004 - Mark F. Valenti ’65
    2003 - Frank J. Wesner ’39
    2003 - Carl E. Beck ‘51
    2002 - Raymond J. Tatlow, Jr. ’38
    2002 - Francis X. Gillespie ’43
    2001 - Robert F. McAnespey ’66

    Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

    Alumni Volunteers

    Alumni Volunteers Program

    La Salle College High School seeks well-balanced, motivated and generous alumni from the Class of 2014 who would be good role-models for impressionable teenage students at their Alma Mater. The volunteer will be teaching, participating in the school's retreat program, moderating school activities, assisting in the school's community service program, assisting in admission and development efforts, devoting their time and effort in service to La Salle.

    Click here for the 2016-2017 School Year Application Packet (PDF)

    Office of Institutional Advancement
    Daniel McGowan

    Daniel McGowan

    Titles: Vice President for Institutional Advancement
    Departments: Office of Institutional Advancement
    Robert Moore

    Robert Moore

    Titles: Development Associate
    Departments: Office of Institutional Advancement
    Katherine Palopoli

    Katherine Palopoli

    Titles: Office of Institutional Advancement Administrative Assistant
    Departments: Office of Institutional Advancement
    Cathy Winning

    Cathy Winning

    Titles: Database Administrator, Moderator, Providence Center Tutoring
    Departments: Office of Institutional Advancement
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