SpeakUp! - Award-Winning Program for Students and Parents
SpeakUp! - Award-Winning Program for Students and Parents

How often have you wished that you really knew what your child was thinking? SpeakUp! is your chance - a collaborative event with the students and parents of Gwynedd Mercy Academy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
6:30 pm
Registration/Check-In Opens at 6:00 pm
Gym/La Salle College High School


Please make SpeakUp! a priority. Although you can come without your child and they can come without you, the data shows it's even more effective if you can come together. Family members are never in the same breakout session.

The research is clear — the most protective factor for youth is a positive relationship with caring adults where open, honest conversations about tough topics lead to guidance and support. SpeakUp! is a proven, youth-driven, interactive program that brings youth, educators and parents together for real dialogue on the topics our students want to talk to us about. Students actually tell us what we can do to make it more likely they will talk honestly to us and listen.

SpeakUp!'s proven program has impressive results. Survey results show that as a result of SpeakUp!:

  • 96% of participants feel less alone
  • 93% are more willing to ask for help
  • 91% have new strategies to manage challenges in their lives

If you have come before, come again. The conversation is always different and the results show the greatest impact for repeat participants! If you think you don't need it because you have a great relationship with your child, you should know many teenagers say it's especially hard to admit their struggles to parents they're closest to because they would hate to disappoint you.

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