This is your chance to tell us about your son. Our goal is to get to know your son as well as we can, so we would appreciate hearing about your son from your perspective. The following questions or prompts give some idea of the type of information that would be beneficial. Examples and stories bring your son to life. Feel free to use additional space if needed. Colleges that he may be considering can be listed on the enclosed Criteria Form.

What adjectives can best be used to describe your son? What are your son’s personal strengths, academic strengths, interests? Do you have a story that best exemplifies these traits?​​​
In what areas has your son shown the most development and growth over the past three or four years?​
Describe one or two major events that you see as turning points in your son’s development?​
Does your son have a documented learning difference that has warranted special accommodations? If so, do we have your permission to discuss it in a counselor letter of recommendation as a way of providing context for your son’s academic performance? If your choice is for information to be released, please state what you want included regarding a description of your son’s learning difference/and/or the services needed on a college campus? ​
What are the challenges your son faces and how does he respond? Are there any unusual circumstances that have affected your child’s education? If yes, how has he been able to overcome obstacles, demonstrate strength, courage or resiliency?​
Describe an anecdote that reveals an aspect of your son’s character.​
What do you consider the outstanding achievements of your son during the past three or four years? Why did you select these as most important?​
What extracurricular activity (athletics, arts, community service, a job) do you perceive as the most significant to your son and why?​
What are your son’s responsibilities in the family (babysits siblings, helping out with expenses, etc.)?​
What is your perception of your son’s strengths and weaknesses, personal values, aspirations, and interests?​
Is there anything that you wish to add? i.e. unusual circumstances, educational background, special family situation, special medical history, personal achievements, etc. which have not already been mentioned?​