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Which parent/guardian is the secondary emergency contact for your student?​​​
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We will make every effort to accommodate your transportation request, but please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee this service, and that one-way transportation service is not available. While we aim to provide door to door service, it is sometimes necessary to pick up a student at a nearby major intersection. The viability of a route also depends on the demonstrated need of its area. Should we be unable to fill your request, you will be refunded in full. The van routes will be planned by June 6th, 2019. If you register on that date or afterwards and need transportation, you will not be able to register for it online. Instead, you will need to call Chuck Cirelli, the director of transportation for the program, to see if your stop can be integrated into a current route. His phone number is 215-402-4147.

Courses are designed for students at specific levels of mathematics. For more information, our math options are listed in detail here.

Check the math course for your student.​​
Open House week discount valid through May 12, 2019.​​​​​​​
After May 13, 2019​​​
I give constent for my child's image to be used in Summer Session promotions (e.g brochures, video, or the Camp Website)


Combines Session Selection with Transportation Option to sum the final cost of the program.

Customers do not choose but instead are given price options based on their basket.