Choral Program

The La Salle choral program, under the direction of Mark Norman, is designed to provide all students an opportunity to explore the art of vocal performance with varying degrees of difficulty. Choral classes are offered in the school day during 4th and 8th periods. If a student does not have room in his schedule, he can choose to meet with Mr. Norman independently to learn the music. In addition to the full chorus, freshman members have their own choral class where they learn the large ensemble music and a few extra songs that they perform independently. Students may also audition for the Belcrofters, a more advanced choral group that performs mainly a capella music. If a student wishes to challenge himself further, he can audition for the All Catholic and District choral groups.

You can find more information about choral classes on the Music Department page.

Choral Multimedia

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01- Tshotsholoza (Combined Ensembles)
02- The Turtle Dove (Upperclassmen Chorus)
03- Shut De Do (Upperclassmen Chorus)
04- Kyrie Eleison (Freshmen Chorus)
05- Rock Island Line (Freshmen Chorus)
06- Sinner Man (Freshmen Chorus)
07- Every Time I Feel The Spirit (Freshmen Chorus)
08- Hey There Delilah (Belcrofters)
09- Set Me As A Seal (Belcrofters)
10- Under The Boardwalk (Belcrofters)
11- Common Sense (Belcrofters)
12- Dulaman (Belcrofters)
13- Loch Lomond (Senior Ensembles)
14- Over The Rainbow (Senior Ensembles)
15- In Whatever Time We Have (Combined Ensembles)
16- Make Them Hear You (Combined Ensembles)