Service & Outreach

Not only does La Salle offer students the opportunity to grow individually and as a community, we also offer many opportunities for our young men to put their faith into action. La Salle does NOT have mandatory service hours for our students. Rather, service is seen as part of the fabric of our Christian community and a responsibility, not a requirement of each member of that community. Freshmen are introduced to this spirit of service early on through their Branch-Out Day. In this day of service, the entire freshmen class volunteers at a local service organization. However, they do not do this alone. In addition to a faculty chaperone, their father or other significant male is invited to share in the experience, thereby providing a visible example.

The cornerstone of our service program, however, is our on-going service projects. Students can participate in a variety of service projects seven days a week. Whether tutoring a grade school student in Kensington; serving a meal to a person on the streets; spending time with the elderly or disabled; or more, there is an opportunity for everyone. These projects are directed by faculty and staff and include transportation and supervision.

In addition, our Ministry & Service Team is a group of over fifty students who lead our Clothing and Thanksgiving food drives; Provide leadership in liturgy and prayer service gatherings, and coordinate our week long celebration of our Lasallian heritage during FSC Week.

Finally, when the school year ends, our service program does not. Last summer, over 300 students participated in one of fifteen service immersion programs. Groups of students, faculty and staff traveled near and far to not only serve those in need, but to learn about their culture and reflect on their own faith. This summer La Salle students will volunteer in St. Lucia, Coachella, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Memphis, The Navajo Nation, Puerto Rico, Chicago, The Bronx, Bolivia, and Ireland.

To see what summer service options are available for this year, visit our Summer Service page.