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Service & Outreach

Not only does La Salle offer students the opportunity to grow individually and as a community, we also offer many opportunities for our young men to put their faith into action. La Salle does NOT have mandatory service hours for our students. Rather, service is seen as part of the fabric of our Christian community and a responsibility, not a requirement of each member of that community. Freshmen are introduced to this spirit of service early on through their Branch-Out Day. In this day of service, the entire freshmen class volunteers at a local service organization. However, they do not do this alone. In addition to a faculty chaperone, their father or other significant male is invited to share in the experience, thereby providing a visible example.

The cornerstone of our service program, however, is our on-going service projects. Students can participate in a variety of service projects seven days a week. Whether tutoring a grade school student in Kensington; serving a meal to a person on the streets; spending time with the elderly or disabled; or more, there is an opportunity for everyone. These projects are directed by faculty and staff and include transportation and supervision.

In addition, our Ministry & Service Team is a group of over fifty students who lead our Clothing and Thanksgiving food drives; Provide leadership in liturgy and prayer service gatherings, and coordinate our week long celebration of our Lasallian heritage during FSC Week.

Finally, when the school year ends, our service program does not. Last summer, over 300 students participated in one of fifteen service immersion programs. Groups of students, faculty and staff traveled near and far to not only serve those in need, but to learn about their culture and reflect on their own faith. This summer La Salle students will volunteer in St. Lucia, Coachella, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Memphis, The Navajo Nation, Puerto Rico, Chicago, The Bronx, Bolivia, and Ireland.

To see what summer service options are available for this year, visit our Summer Service page.

Service Programs

Branchout Days

During Freshman Year a La Salle student will participate in a Branchout Day. On these Branchout Days, an entire class boards buses to various service projects throughout the Philadelphia area. Faculty and Staff along with many fathers accompany the student groups and participate alongside.

18th Annual Freshmen Branch-Out Day  Tuesday, October 15, 2019 

Who:  The Freshmen Class and their Dads  What:  A Day of Service Impacting the Philadelphia Community by Providing 1500 hours of Service

Where:   25 Schools, Churches, Community, and Faith Based Organizations across the Philadelphia area Why:  
 Service Learning Event to help make a difference in the community, and to introduce freshmen to the value of serving others 

7:45 AM- Fathers Meet in Auditorium  • Father Sign-ups -Visit The Men of La Salle Page on La Salle Web Site  

7:55 AM- Freshmen report to homeroom  

8:05 AM- Report to Auditorium  

8:15 AM- Morning Prayer Service  

8:30 AM- Depart to Sites (transportation provided)  

1:45 PM –Small Group Discussion @ School (Students & Dads)

2:35 PM- Dismissal   

Community Techserve

Moderators: Mr. Sigmund & Mr. Bonner

Program Description: Community Tech Serve is a program where our students are afforded the opportunity to utilize the technical gifts and talents in the support of IT related initiatives as local schools who do not have the resources to support / sustain their own environments. As a part of Tech Serve students not only have the opportunity to further their own IT skills, but also learn the value of sharing all of our talents with those in need. Often times, it is in these types of infrastructural areas that schools and organizations lack the funds and resources required to provide even the most basic levels of support to their organizations. Past initiatives have included the support of La Salle Academy in Kensington, and in the future a group of students may be traveling as far as Saint Michael's Indian School in Window Rock, AZ to support them in the installation and bringing on line of their computer lab.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Varies depending upon need & opportunity

Transportation Provided: Yes

Other Pertinent Information: For more information, contact Mr. Pete Sigmund or Mr. Ray Shay.

Elder Share

Moderators: Mr. Hartey & Mrs. Giuliani

Program Description: Elder Share is a weekly service progam for students to interact with elderly residents at two local retirement facilities, Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, and Artman Home in Ambler. Residents may have ambulatory, hearing, vision or memory issues. Students socialize with residents, play games and provide entertainment. These visits can prove challenging, but ultimately incredibly rewarding for these generous teenagers as they try to adapt to ever-changing situations with a variety of elder personalities.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Meet on Mondays, 2:45-5:00 p.m., beginning end of September and concluding end of April.

Transportation Provided: Yes, but Students may also travel by car.

Organization Site Address: Saint Joseph Villa, 110 W. Wissahickon Ave. Flourtown, PA 19031

Artman Home, 250 N. Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

Organization Web Address: Saint Jospeh Villa:

Artman Home:

Food Drive

Moderators: Mr. Devlin

Program Description: Beginning in ealry November the La Salle community sponsors a food drive to benefit the St. Vincent's Parish Soup Kitchen. Serving the residents of Germantown, St. Vincent's provides meals and other necessary services to the homeless and less fortunate in our community. The drive is centered as a homeroom level collection where students are encouraged to work together to collect enough food and / or monies in order to ensure that the people who rely on St. Vincent's will know the same blessings as they, during this season of thanks. Food baskets are then brought forward during the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service by the homeroom representatives, where they are blessed and then later delivered to St. Vincent's.

Date, Time, & Frequency: This is an annual event which runs from early November through the day before Thanksgiving

Transportation Provided: No

Organization Address: St. Vincent's Church, 109 E. Price St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Organization Web Address:

Homeless Outreach

Moderators: Ms. Wood, Mr. McGranaghan

Program Description: The Homeless Outreach program is an opportunity for upperclass (juniors & seniors) La Salle students to interact with those living on the streets in Center City Philadelphia. La Salle students serve food, drink, clothes and most importantly friendship with those that are most vulnerable.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Tuesdays, 4:00PM to 7:30PM

Transportation Provided: Yes

Organization Address: Students meet in Campus Ministry and serve food and share fellowship with the homeless in various locations in Center City Philadelphia.

Other Pertinent Information: Program is limited to upperclassmen.


Human Rights Forum

Moderators: Mr. Williams and Mrs. McInaw

Program Description: The Human Rights Forum endeavors to: 1) Educate the students on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice; 2) Advocate for the rights of the oppressed and victimized utilizing the resources of a variety of human rights organizations; and 3) Raise funds annually to support a human rights initiative through a non-profit organization. In addition, students are encouraged to become aware of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and other important documents and international treaties dealing with the subject of universal human rights. Members are also alerted to speakers in the surrounding area of interest to the goals of the club.

Date, Time, & Frequency: 3rd Wednesday of every month

Transportation Provided: No

La Salle Academy Tutoring

Moderators: Mrs. Whelan, Mrs. Diehl, Mr. Camusi

Program Description: LSA Tutoring is an after school tutoring program to help at-risk students at La Salle Academy in North Philadelphia. The objective of the program is to provide homework support for the LSA students, and provide opportunities for La Salle high school students to recognize their ability to provide academic support to students in need.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Transportation Provided: Yes

Organization Address: La Salle Academy, 1434 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Organization Web Address:

Other Pertinent Information: La Salle high school students are scheduled for this activity on a weekly basis, however, opportunities exist for students to tutor on weeks they are not scheduled to go. Students also stop for pizza at El Greco prior to returning to La Salle - $1.50 per slice.

Mission Drive

Moderators: Br. William DiPasquale

Program Description: La Salle College High School and Mwangaza College are connected through the Lasallian Twinning Initiative. This initiative partners schools in the Lasallian Region of North America with Lasallian schools in the Lwanga District of the Christian Brothers. The Lwanga District includes the countries of Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Africa. The annual Twinning appeal provides for the educational needs of African students who are economically poor and often even without families. Financial contributions from the North American schools are used to cover the cost of educating students in their respective twin schools in Africa. These costs include tuition, teacher salaries, building/maintenance expenses, purchase of books and school supplies, and even board/lodging.

The Brothers of the Christian Schools assumed direction of the school in 1993. It has grown to include more than 450 students and seven departments, including accounts, fashion and design, hair dressing, information technology, and food and beverage.

To learn more about the Twinning Program & Mwangaza College, visit the District Homepage and the Mwangaza College school Web Site.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Each Spring

Pheed Philly

Moderators: Mr.s Giuliani

Program Description: Pheed Philly is a program where students come together several times per month to prepare several hundred casseroles and other necessary foods in support of our Street Outreach and Sarnelli House programs. Under the supervision of faculty and staff, students will shop / provide all the ingredients; prepare; cook; and package casserole meals to feed the less fortunate in Philadelphia through several of our outreach initiatives. Often times the students who prepare the meals, will also have the opportunity to deliver and share fellowship with those who will benefit from this program.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Thursdays - Listen for announcements or see Mrs. Giuliani

Triest Hall

students and residents of triest hall



Moderator: Mr. Pinder

Program Description: Triest Hall is a 24-hour residential program for adults with impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning as a result of neurodevelopmental disorders. Operated under the authority of the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, the home is under the care of the Brothers of Charity who have been working with marginalized and vulnerable people since their foundation in 1807. La Salle’s student volunteers meet the residents in their exercise room to help with motivation and organization, but most importantly to provide the social interaction that is a core component of the residents’ care program.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays. Depart from La Salle at 3:55 PM and the workout is over by 5:00 PM. Volunteers usually sign up for four or more Tuesdays, but some of our ‘veteran’ volunteers have been going on a weekly basis (when they are free) for several years and have cemented strong and meaningful relationships with the residents.

Transportation Provided: Yes, but student can also travel in their own cars.

Organization Address: Brothers of Charity Residance, Triest Hall, 7720 Doe Lane, Laverock, PA 19038 (just over one mile from La Salle)

Intellectual Disability (ID) is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning. ID affects about 2–3% of the general population. ID involves deficits in mental abilities, social skills, and core Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Symptoms can include:

  • Delays in reaching or failure to achieve milestones in motor skills development.
  • Slowness learning to talk or continued difficulties with speech and language skills.
  • Difficulty with self-help and self-care skills.
  • Poor planning or problem solving abilities.
  • Difficulty adapting to new situations.
  • Difficulty understanding and following social rules.

Core components of behavioral treatments include language and social skills acquisition.

la salle students with triest hall residents


Visitation BVM Afterschool Program


Moderators: Mrs. Winning and Mr. Barna

Program Description: The Visitation BVM after school program provides students with an opportunity to share their time and talents with the over 180 students who participate in this after school program in the heart of the Latino community. Located at C and Lehigh Ave in Kensington, Visitation remains an oasis of hope in one of Philadelphia's most challenged neighborhoods. Participants of the After School Program often help with homework and get involved in organized play activities, and more than anything provide students with a positive role model for what the gift of an education may one day provide for them.

Date, Time, & Frequency: Tuesdays. The van leaves La Salle by 3:00 and returns to La Salle High by 5:45.

Transportation Provided: Yes

Organization Address: Visitation BVM School C & Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Other Pertinent Information: The children get the most from us when we provide them with consistent, week-after-week attention. Even with that said, there is no official commitment expected from our La Salle student volunteers.


Service Opportunities Weekly Calendar

La Salle Responds

La Salle Responds

La Salle Responds is a school wide initiative to fund requests for donations to various charities. Dress down days are sponsored six times a year with student/faculty and staff participating for a $5.00 donation. Applications are available for all to submit and request a monetary grant to a charity of their choice. A committee of faculty and students fulfill the requests following each dress down event.

During the 2018-2019 school year La Salle Responds fulfilled 59 applications for a wide variety of charities. There was a total of $35, 450 in funds donated from Dress Down Days, the Poor Man’s Supper, Explorers Inc, and the Ministry and Service Team sponsored 3v3 tournament.