How to Create an Annotated Bibliography, Works Cited or Works Consulted Page

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of the resources used in the preparation of a project or paper with brief comments about each resource.

The comment can be a short description, evaluation or explanation of a book, website, video or other information source.

Choose one comment format for your whole bibliography. All comments should be either descriptive, evaluative or explanatory. You can include more than one comment type or even all three, just be consistent and comment the same way for each resource.
  • Description  - describe the author's point of view
  • Evaluation - discusses the quality, accuracy of the information and whether author accomplished their goals
  • Explanation - tell what the book is about

An annotated bibliography serves several purposes.
  • It gives a list of resources available on a topic.
  • It gives a reader information on what the resource focuses on and the accuracy of the information.
  • It allows the reader or your teacher to gage the quality and depth of the resources you used.

Tips for creating an annotated bibliography
  • Use complete sentences.
  • Annotations (comments) are usually no longer than 150 words for each resource.
  • Use the bibliographic style of the style guide of the rest of your research paper or project.
  • Create the standard bibliography and then add comments to the resources.

An example following the MLA format.

Worldwatch Institute. State of the World: The Consumer Society, 2004. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2004.    

    A collection short articles on human consumption and how it impacts the global environment.  


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