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The Men of La Salle are all the fathers and guardians of La Salle students. We support La Salle’s mission by strengthening school and family bonds through shared experiences that foster camaraderie, father/son fellowship and community service.

During the school year, we meet on an almost-monthly basis to have a light meal, catch up with old friends and make new ones, stay informed about our sons’ school days through faculty and administrator invited speakers and plan our future activities.

We sponsor several social events such as our Father-Son Golf Tournament, Father-Son Banquet and spring Phillies game.

We help to coordinate service opportunities such as Freshmen Branchout Day, Poor Man’s Supper and monthly meal preparation, dining room service and vegetable gardening at Face to Face in Philadelphia.

In addition, for more than seventy years, the Men Of La Salle have made the generous and unbroken commitment that no student will ever have to leave La Salle due to the death of a primary wage earning parent.

Unfortunately, every year - including 2017-18 - several young men will come to depend on that financial support. Originally a “pass-the-hat” undertaking, those funds are now primarily generated from our joint efforts with the Mothers’ Club at the Auction which takes place each November.

La Salle is a special collection of people and traditions – including the Men of La Salle. We invite you to know these people and to grow this tradition by joining us at meetings as well as volunteering at and participating in our social events and service to ensure the furtherance of our missions.

Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.

Looking forward to a special 2017-2018 school year on behalf of the Men Of La Salle,

Mike Marek ‘80
President, Men of La Salle

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On Wednesday, March 30, 2011 La Salle College High School held its annual Fran Johnson Sophomore Branch Out Day. The entire class of 280 Sophomores, 120 of their fathers, and 19 members of the faculty and staff were divided into groups and "branched out" to 16 community service sites throughout the Philadelphia area.
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Current Board

Executive Committee

President: Mike Marek ‘80

Vice President - Board Activities: Scott Porreca ‘86

Vice President - Father/Son Activities: Chris Carabello ‘82

Vice President - Fundraising: Patrick Donohue

Treasurer: Bill McLaughlin

Secretary: Nick Signoretta

Past President: Joe McIntyre

Moderator: Bro. James Butler, FSC

Advisory Council

Paul Benyovszky '78

Kevin Connor '82

Tim Foley '66

Jim McLaughlin '57

John Toner '82

Past Presidents
1945-1946 William A. Whiteside* 1980-1981Robert Wilkin, Jr. '58 *
1946-1947 John A. Craven, Sr.* 1981-1982John Carabello, DDS
1947-1948 Edward B. Ganley 1982-1983James Bradley '56 *
1948-1949James N. Driscoll 1983-1984James Foley '56
1949-1950James V. Morro 1984-1985Kenneth Stout, DDS
1950-1951 Francis B. Branagan 1985-1986Peter Bossow
1951-1952Charles J.Happ 1986-1987Owen Coyle*
1952-1953Fremont Levy 1987-1988Lee Mullen
1953-1954Joseph K. Schmid 1988-1989John J. Walls, Jr.
1954-1955Henry W. deLuca 1989-1990Edward Scarcelle
1955-1956John F. Quigley 1990-1991John Walker
1956-1957Isaac Gallagher 1991-1992Robert Scandone
1957-1958James W. Quinn '29 * 1992-1993George Forbes
1958-1959Randolph Wise 1993-1994James V. Tate*
1959-1960Albert C. Hurlbrink 1994-1995Harry Citrino
1960-1961James J. Canavan 1995-1996Peter Vizza
1961-1962John A.Whelan '16 * 1996-1997William Markman, MD '66
1962-1963John A. Mitchell '29 * 1997-1998James Noone, MD
1963-1964Joseph F. McVeigh* 1998-1999Ernest Chip Behr '73
1964-1965William J. McAnespey 1999-2000William J. Bryers '73
1965-1966Edward White* 2000-2001Lloyd C. Beck Jr. '74
1966-1967Lawrence A. Flynn* 2001-2002Terry Materese
1967-1968John J. Bryers* 2002-2003James McLaughlin '57
1968-1969J. Patrick Sheehan 2003-2004Charlie Carfagno
1969-1970Joseph J. McGowen* 2004-2005Micky Dominick
1970-1971William B. McAuliffe '45 2005-2006John Lees
1971-1972Raymond J. Tatlow '38 2006-2007Bud Zysk
1972-1973Aloysius V. Cummings, Jr. '43 *2007-2008Tim Foley '66
1973-1974Phillip Cassidy* 2008-2009Paul Benyovszky '78
1974-1975Gustav Widmann 2009-2010Bud McGann
1975-1976Arthur Menno 2010-2011John Toner '82
1976-1977Mario Cervone* 2011-2012Kevin Connor '82
1977-1978Thaddeus J. Przybylowski 2012-2013Mike Happ
1978-1979Edward Walzak 2013-2014
Ray Delaney
1979-1980Dominic Gatti 2014-2015Walt Denny
1980-1981Robert Wilkin, Jr. -2015-2016Jim DeMerlis
2016-2017Joe McIntyre