Tuesday, April 24, 2018

6:30 PM - Registration & Baby Picture Gallery

7:00 PM - Mass

Dinner immediately following

La Salle College High School

This event is free.

Online registration opens March 9.

Registration deadline is April 1.

For more information contact Carolyn
Flynn cflynn765@comcast.net or Liz Grady

Attention Mother’s of Seniors…

La Salle College High School Mothers’ Club invites you to attend the Senior Mother-Son Liturgy. This will be one of your most memorable evenings at La Salle!

There is no cost to attend this event for seniors and their mothers/special persons.

The evening includes: Mass, dinner, and special surprises for you and your son as you begin your journey toward graduation, and say farewell to La Salle.

To secure a t-shirt for your son, ALL SENIOR MOTHERS must fill out the online registration form or return the RSVP card regardless of attendance.