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Welcome to the Mothers’ Club Webpage.

Welcome to the La Salle Mothers’ Club Webpage

Our role is to support the LaSalle community in the selfless spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle through community-building and fundraising events to promote the La Salle mission.

As a mother or legal guardian of a La Salle student, you are a member of the Mothers’ Club, and we warmly invite you to get involved by attending or volunteering at our events. It is a great way to meet and socialize with other moms in our school community. The high school experience passes quickly, and I hope you will join us in making lasting memories.

You are invited to attend our monthly meetings which are listed on the school calendar. You can stay connected with the Mothers’ Club by reading the Belcroft each month, by visiting this area of La Salle’s Website, by joining our La Salle Mothers' Club Facebook Group, or by reading our periodic emails for details about our events and volunteer opportunities. Feel free to contact me with any questions via email.

Please check out our Events and Registrations tab to view and register for our upcoming events. I look forward to working with you in support of La Salle and our sons.

Liz Grady

Mothers' Club President 2017-18

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Mothers' Club mission

The Mothers' Club enriches the lives of all La Salle families. We foster a sense of community among members through involvement in our activities. We celebrate and support the La Salle mission through our fundraising efforts and assistance at school events.

To support this mission we identified these objectives:

  • Promote friendship and mutual respect among all Mothers' Club members through active participation in all events;
  • Raise funds to support Mothers' Club operations and to assist La Salle College High School in meeting its financial needs;
  • Foster spiritual and social growth among its members;
  • Promote the vision and mission of La Salle College High School and of this organization through publicity and communication;
  • Provide assistance to the administration, faculty and staff for special purposes deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.

The Mothers' Club is an inclusive community that supports all of our volunteer members in the selfless spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle. We inspire our members to share their talents and to work collaboratively to enhance the La Salle College High School experience. The Mothers' Club plays an integral role in the life of La Salle College High School.

To support this vision we draw on these values:

  • Community
  • Inclusivity
  • Involvement
  • Service to others
  • Spirituality
  • Supportive
Mothers' Club current board

2018-19 Mothers' Club Executive Board


Liz Grady

Nancy Matthews
Terry Penna Harris
Anne Gregor
Technical Secretary:
Jennifer Nagle
Recording Secretary:
Shay Meagher
Past President:
Karen Donahue
Bro. James Butler, FSC

2017-18 Mothers' Club Board

Kim Agnew

Janine Braccia

Mary Jean Carabello

Anissa Carter (Jones)

Mary Ann Cassizzi

Annina Clibanoff

Margaret Curran

Mary Ellen Daly

Chris D'Andrea

Debbie DeAngelis

Karen Donahue

Sharon Ernst

Judy Felix

Kathy Fluehr

Carolyn Flynn

Lisa Forsyth

Mary Fresta

Carol Gigliotti

Eileen Gimpel

Gina Giuliani

Liz Grady

Anne Gregor

Michele Guiliano

Molly Harrington

Terry Harris

Jacklyn Holzel

Caren Howley

Maria Karrish

Mary Alice LaMonte

Elisa Macklin

Eireann Marzarella

Donna Marzullo

Eileen Matchett

Nancy Matthews

Shelly McBryan

Shay Meagher

Wendy McLaughlin

Shay Meagher

Renee Meister

Mary Pam MelinsonMary Pat Meagher

Kristine Moore

Jennifer Nagle

Marcia O'Connor

Kathy O'Dare

Meg Pensabene

Liz Pedraza

Nancy Reilly

Shannon Rietzke

Laura Savage

Molly Scheffey
Dianne Signoretta

Aimee Smith

Lisa Topalovich
Regina Turnbach

Lucia Venneri

Brenda Ventresca
Rebecca VillanoJennifer Wagner
Karen WilsonKate Wright