List of Clubs & Activities

La Salle offers a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Over 85% of students are involved in at least one club or activity.

The Office of Student Activities directs this extensive extracurricular program for the purpose of providing different experiences and leadership opportunities for La Salle students.

These activities help to build a sense of community, provide outlet for expression, and develop and sense of responsibility, service and cooperation among the students.

Activities are added based on student interest.


Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all students at LaSalle College High School. Any student who has a desire to play and learn chess is encouraged to participate. The young men who participate in the club have experience that ranges from beginner to competitor in the United States Chess Federation. The club meets on a regular basis starting in October. There are oppurtunities for players of all levels to participate in the "In-House" tournaments.


John Keenan

Chess Team-Competitive

Anyone who is a member of the Chess club is eligible to be a Chess team member. This year the Chess Team will again participate in the Lower Bucks Scholastic ChessLeague. The season will start in November which consist of 10 league matches, and a playoff (more information to follow). As well as the State Tournament. The top five players plus alternates from the club will be selected each week to participate in a League match.


John Keenan

Classics Club

The influence of the classical world is all around us. We are all familiar with Greek and Roman myths and legends – Hollywood loves stories like the fall of Troy – but the influence of the ancient Mediterranean societies on our everyday lives is wider than most imagine. For example, the Greeks gave us democracy, theatre and the Olympic games; the Romans brought us roads, leisure centers and our regular diet of gladiatorial contests between rival sports teams. The aim of the Classics Club is to allow our students to reflect on ancient cultures in an informative and comparative, but fun way. In addition to basic factual presentations, students will have the opportunity to appreciate well-known films with a more critical approach and to visit some of the excellent exhibitions in our area.


William Geiger

Global Studies Club

This club is designed to introduce students to the larger international community through participation in Model Unitated Nation conferences, attending events hosted by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, and working with students across the world.


Mathletes offers an opportunity for students interested in mathematics to use their problem-solving skills in a competitive setting. The La Salle Mathletes Team participates in the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Mathletes, which holds monthly competitions in different areas of mathematics. The La Salle Mathletes Team also participates in a national math league which has monthly competitions conducted through the mail.


Thomas Lang

Mock Trial


Gerard Evans

National Honor Society

The La Salle Chapter of the National Honor Society is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students who are offered membership are inducted in the Spring of their junior year. During their senior year, NHS members serve the school community by tutoring struggling underclassmen and hosting an annual Red Cross Blood Drive. They are also called upon to assist at other school events, such as Open House.


Betty Field


The NCAA Club offers information for prospective student athletes who plan on participating in collegiate athletics after La Salle. Special emphasis is placed on the NCAA Initial Eligibility Rules and the recruiting process.


Daniel Willaims

Science Fair

La Salle College High School students may participate in the Montgomery County Science Research Competition and the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. La Salle serves as the sponsoring school and serves the role of filing the necessary paperwork. Students are encourages to seek outside experts in their area of research interest.


Charles Cirelli

Social Studies Honor Society


Gerald Miller

Speech and Debate

La Salle College High School has a long and storied history of speech and debate activities. The current team, nicknamed "The La Salle Forum", was granted a School Charter in 1979 by the National Forensics League -- the national high school speech and debate honors society. Since then, the team has had six (6) National Champions, thirty (30) State Champions, seventy-three (73) City Champions and numerous other national, state, and local awardees.


Michael McCabe


A Capella Group

A Cappella Club is a newer club open to all new students. This club meets once or twice a week and performs music of a more contemporary nature. Music is performed from 4 parts to as many as 8 parts and is sometimes accompanied with beat boxing. Students are invited to arrange popular songs or sing with the group. All students are welcome to join, whether they are a part of La Salle’s Music Program or not.


Mark Norman

Art Club

Art Club takes on a number of student directed art projects throughout the year for the La Salle Community: examples would be bowl making for Poor Man’s Supper, group projects to bring to La Salle Academy or BVM, supporting sign making for Campus Ministry events., workshops in paper making, printmaking, etc., with an occasional trip to an Art Museum, a Mural Arts Trolley Tour, or art studio tour.


Michael Hearn

Band Activities

La Salle College High School has many opportunities for the aspiring young musician, including scheduled band classes during the school day and private instrumental instruction. La Salle musicians participate in several extracurricular bands as well, including the pep band, which cheers on the football team from the stands; the pit orchestra, which provides all the music for La Salle’s musicals; and the acclaimed competition jazz band. The competition band showcases 20 of La Salle’s most talented musicians and has enjoyed great success under the leadership of Mr. Joe Vettori.


The La Salle choral program, under the direction of Mark Norman, is designed to provide all students an opportunity to explore the art of vocal performance with varying degrees of difficulty. Choral classes are offered in the school day during 5th and 8th periods. If a student does not have room in his schedule, he can choose to meet with Mr. Norman independently to learn the music. In addition to the full chorus, freshman members have their own choral class where they learn the large ensemble music and a few extra songs that they perform independently. Students may also audition for the Belcrofters, a more advanced choral group that performs mainly a capella music. If a student wishes to challenge himself further, he can audition for the All Catholic and District choral groups.


Mark Norman

Cooking Club

The Cooking Clubs meets monthly in the Mothers' Club Kitchen. Come to learn how to prepare and cook delicious recipes and enjoy them when you are finished.

Film Club


Mark Chesnik

Photography Club


Braden Bonner

The Step Brothers Dance Club

The Steps Brothers Rhythmic dance group promotes creativity, confidence, and opportunities for social interactions through the art of dance. We will be collaborating with Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School students in order to learn different dance styles such as Latin dancing, ballroom dancing, and line dancing. These dance practices will prepare any student for the yearly scheduled school dances.

Theatre-Fall Production


Mark Norman

Theatre-Spring Musical


Micky Dominick

Theatre-Stage Crew

Stage Crew addresses many of the back stage and scenic challenges presented in running a production, with set design, construction and decoration, props, sound, lighting and moving and placing all of the set pieces on stage at the right place for the correct scene.


Michael Hearn


Badminton Club


Carol Haggerty

Baggo Club

Just because summer is over is no reason to let your beach skills get rusty. Come with your friends and hone your toss. Memorial Day weekend will be here before you know it.


John Janda

Cycling Club

Welcome to the La Salle Cycling Club, a group of recreational cyclists of various riding levels who tour the roads and trails of Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. Weekend and weeknight rides are planned to be offered throughout the early fall and spring at numerous locations in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. Come join us on a ride. We'd love to meet you!


Stephen Horvath

Fencing Club

A certified instructor will teach the club members the art of fencing in a series of mini-clinics in the fall and spring.


Daniel Williams

Intramural Sports

Ski and Snowboard Club

The Ski Club gives students an opportunity to ski and/or snowboard with fellow students in a safe, organized environment. The club sponsors an annual trip to Vermont during Presidents' weekend. In the past we have also visited Canada and Utah. The club is currently investigating the possibility of additional ski trips to local ski areas.


James Tate

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a student organized team that allows students to compete in a popular, fast-paced, non-contact sport.


Eileen Campbell


Explorers Inc.

Explorers Inc. is a business club for students wanting to learn more about Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, Personal Finances, and Business Concepts. Explorers Inc. meets monthly in addition to managing Project Paperback, which is the club’s business project where students acquire experience with all aspects of a small business: Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Finance, and Inventory Management. All are welcome to join.


Patricia Finlay

Investment Club

Explorer Investment Club ("Club") seeks to afford the students of LaSalle College High School with a unique experience in managing an actual investment portfolio. While the students will begin trading a virtual portfolio they will advance to managing the Club's endowment, funded primarily by LaSalle alumni working in the financial services industry with initial seed capital provided by Ironview Capital Management (LaSalle alumni). Education modules provided via the program include, but are not limited to: macroeconomics, corporate finance, accounting, security analysis, portfolio management, derivatives and personal finance. To start, the Club will divide participating students into industry sector groups which make up the Standard Poor's 500 Index. The Club will initially trade U.S. publicly traded equities, but may move onto debt instruments and funds as the program matures.


William Leahy


Asian Cultures Club

What better way to learn culture than through food? Members meet monthly to discuss the varied ideals and culture over Asian meals, Asian table games and challenge other clubs to ping pong, badminton and Jianzi tournaments.


Nary Smith

Chinese Club

From watching Kung Fu movies and playing Chinese chess, to wrapping your first dumpling and writing down your Chinese names in a calligraphy session, Chinese club provides you a monthly opportunity to have a bite of China. If you are interested in the history, geography, economy and political environment of modern China, the Chinese club is also a great place to join! You are warmly welcomed!


Yixiao Chen

French Club

Sacré Bleu ! Only if you miss this opportunity to sign up for Le Club de Français. Discover French culture, cuisine and camaraderie. Members meet every 2 weeks to watch French films, make les plats traditionnels and challenge other clubs to European football, ping pong & badminton. Our season highlight is a trip to eat at Philadelphia’s finest Parisian Bistro; Caribou Café.


Nary Smith

Italian Club

The Italian Club introduces students to Italian-American culture. Any student or member of the La Salle College High School community with an interest in Italian culture may join. (You do not have to be of Italian heritage or studying the Italian language.) The club attempts to introduce its membership to the many facets of Italian American life including food, entertainment, sports and history. Activities include tasting many of the Italian American foods, learning to play Bocce Ball, seeing more classic Italian movies, and learning a little about the history of Italians in our area.


Michael Clemente

Irish Club

The Irish Club is for anyone interested in learning more about the ancient Celts and how their culture is still evident today. The Celts lived not only in Ireland, but also in Scotland, Wales and Brittany. Club activities include attending concerts, movies, and plays as well as rugby and soccer games. Members also learn a few Irish phrases and visit restaurants, art museums, and the Irish Famine Memorial. In keeping with the Lasallian ideal to serve others, the Celtic Club participates in a community service activity each year. All Members of the La Salle community are invited to join.


Multi-Cultural Club

In an effort to explore and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our students, the Multi-Cultural Club will meet on a regular basis. Activities will include visiting local neighborhoods for Sunday Mass, reaching out to other schools with a similar club, and to help celebrate the different cultural and ethnic holidays celebrated among our diverse student body.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club explores the diverse cultures of Spanish speaking people around the world in order to enhance the language experience and promote cross-cultural understanding. Activities include tutoring students in Spanish speaking elementary schools, viewing movies from different parts of the world, and playing games with Spanish vocabulary. There will be an excursion to a restaurant which serves Latin American cuisine at the end of the school year.


Lastenia Breen


Literary Magazine-The Gazebo

The Gazebo is the student-produced literary magazine of La Salle College High School. This magazine is a collection of works by and for the entire student body, with the Creative Writing classes submitting some works as well. Submissions vary from year to year, but poetry, short stories, one-act plays, illustrations, and photography created by La Salle students are included. Submissions are always welcome. Also, some of the students' truly outstanding creations are submitted to writing and art contests throughout the year. Once works are submitted, The Gazebo staff takes over. The staff members are actively involved in material selection, editing, and copy preparation, all on computer. Staff members are always needed. If you are interested in the production phase of a literary magazine, this club is for you. The club meets once every 2-3 weeks on a day to be decided upon by the students. To help each other with writing between meetings, the group will blog their questions and responses to each other.


Cheryl Wolgamott


The Wisterian is La Salle's student-produced newspaper. Editions are published quarterly and the club gives students opportunities to write, shoot photography and work on the layout of an actual published newspaper.

Sports Information Club

The Sports Information Club works directly with WEXP, the web site, and the Athletic Department to cover all levels (V, JV, FR) of La Salle sports. Students who sign up will be assigned as the beat reporter for a specific team. Scores, game stories, pictures and videos will all be a part of this sports journalism experience. Students will get hands-on access shooting video, editing highlights, researching statistics and using social media to help share information about La Salle's Athletic Department with the community at large. In September 2012, the Sport Information Club began the La Salle Sports Twitter Feed, which received national recognition for it's innovative use of social media and student involvement. To get involved with the SI Club, sign up online here or contact the club moderator, Mr. Robert Johnson.

TV Studio-WEXP

La Salle College High School offers a completely digital TV studio in the basement of Saint Michael Hall - WEXP. Members of the WEXP Multimedia Manager Program produce a live homeroom show Monday, Wednesday and Friday which offers the days announcements, provides video highlights of school events and provides a forum for interviews with members of the school community. WEXP is completely student-run and provides students real-world experience in live television production, field production, social media as well as non-linear video editing using the Adobe Creative Cloud. This Co-Curricular Activity works closely with our Multimedia Production Courses as part of our Information Sciences and Technology Department.


Robert Johnson

Yearbook-Blue and Gold

The Blue and Gold is the school's yearbook. It strives to capture events of the year through photography and words. Staff members have the opportunity to develop skills in decision making and time management. In addition, they explore their own creative talents through writing, photography, and page layout design. Click here to access the Yearbook page.


Simon Pinder



Athletes Helping Athletes

Athletes Helping Athletes at La Salle College High School is an entirely student run organization comprised of a group of La Salle students that host special needs students from our community at some of our varsity sports events. We welcome these very special "captains" and honor them prior to games.

Student Council

The La Salle College High School Student Government Association or "Student Council" is comprised of a four member Executive Board, Class Officers, Class Senators, and Faculty Moderators. The Student Council, under the direction of the Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer oversees the individual class councils and coordinates all council activities.


Charles Cirelli

Student Mentors


Mark Collins

Special Interest

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club gives students an opportunity to gather with their friends while playing board, video and card games. Students compete against each other and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere.


Gerard Hartey

Human Rights Club

Students will explore a variety of human rights issues throughout the world and discuss alternative LaSallian methods to help alleviate some of these problems. The club will complete a service project in the spring.


Daniel Williams

World Soccer Club

The La Salle World Soccer Club hosts various soccer events including after-school viewing parties for Premier League and Champions League matches as well as outdoor kick-arounds. We aim to bring together those with a passion for the world’s most popular sport whether that be through playing it or watching it. For this school year, we will look to add futsal games on the tennis courts and a Fifa 17 tournament as part of our activities.


Jason Eisele


Lab Managers

The Lab Manager program is a unique technology team at La Salle College High School. Every year 50+ applications are submitted to join the team of the top tech students in the school. The program gives La Salle students the chance to have hands on experience running a real network. The students work hand in hand with the Chief Information Officer, Peter Sigmund, and Network and Website Administrator, Braden Bonner, to maintain, upgrade, and manage the network throughout the entire school. The members learn about computers by working with faculty and their laptops and students in the labs throughout the school. From fixing problems to teaching others, the students gain leadership and teaching skills, as well as knowledge of technology. They also gain networking experience from hands on work with the multiple servers that La Salle has. After working with this program, our members become skilled with both computers and people. The Lab Manager program at La Salle is one of a kind. The students are given the opportunity to run a network that consists of over 1200 users. The team of young men work together every day with the common goal to make La Salle the best tech school in the country.


Braden Bonner

Robotics Team

The Robotics Team at La Salle College High School is a group of students building large and small scale robots for competition, learning, and having fun. The team was established in the Fall of 2013 by members of the former Computer and Robotics Clubs, respectively.

Web Site Managers

The Student Web Site Managers group assists the Director of Web Communications in various web projects throughout the year. The Web Site Managers primarily work on projects for the La Salle College High School Web Site. The Student Web Site Managers also have a commitment to participate in web-based Community TechServe projects for non-profit organizations in need of web site assistance.


Braden Bonner