Guidance and Counseling

The Guidance Office provides student services in the area of academics and personal counseling. The members of the Guidance Staff meet with students on a regular basis to assist them in areas of concern. These concern areas include course selection, course load, grades, and general academic matters. The staff also provides assistance to students who are experiencing any kind of personal difficulties at school or at home. Below are descriptions of these supports at each grade level.

Freshman Year

Students are rostered for an advisory period once per cycle class. This class meets with the Freshmen Guidance Counselor to discuss a number of issues including transition to high school and study skills. In addition to class time, each freshmen will meet with the Freshmen Guidance Counselor during the year, as needed. Students with documented learning differences may also be a part of the David Program. Freshmen year is also the time when the LIGHTS Team will begin to identify students they will work with.


Students are again rostered for an advisory period per cycle class. This class meets with the Sophomore Guidance Counselor to build on the freshmen year experience and interest/career counseling is introduced. Many of the students who participated in the David Program and the LIGHTS Team freshmen year may continue.

Junior Year

During the junior year the College Counseling and Guidance Departments both work with students during their rostered advisory period. First semester the Junior Guidance Counselor facilitates the classes and second semester the more intensive College Counseling begins. Many of the students who participated in the David Program and the LIGHTS Team previously may continue.

Senior Year

Students are rostered for an advisory class period again for the first semester. From September to November College Counselors work with the students during this class time. In November, the seniors meet with the Senior Guidance Counselor to discuss transition/personal issues. Seniors also receive much support through the Ministry and Service Department.

Guidance Staff

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John McGranaghan

John McGranaghan
Faculty and Staff
Guidance Office

Anthony Resch

Anthony Resch
Faculty and Staff, Coaches
English Department, Guidance Office

Welcome to the College Counseling section of the La Salle College High School Website. To view more information about the College Application process, please view the College Counseling page located in the Academic section of the website. The pages found there will serve as a guide for both students and parents navigating the college selection process. Also found in the College Counseling page is a quick view of the announcements, upcoming events, and news related to College Counseling. We hope that you explore the resources provided and that they help ease the college search process.

College Counseling Staff

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Students are assigned a college counselor based on the first letter of his last name. For the Class of 2018 the breakdown is:

* Last Names A-H: Mrs. Marla Stalone-Johnson
* Last Names I-O: Mr. Gerard M. Brett
* Last Names P-Z: Mr. Jim Sawyer

About the LIGHTS Team

La Salle

The LIGHTS team, a Student Assistance Program (SAP), assists La Salle students, and families of those students, who face behavioral and/or academic difficulties. The team comprises specially-trained school faculty and staff, who meet once weekly to discuss the needs of referred students.

What the LIGHTS Team Does

The LIGHTS team works to identify problems and seek out solutions. The LIGHTS team does not diagnose or treat students.

The LIGHTS team seeks out and collates information about the referred student from a variety of sources, including parents, teachers, the school nurse, and coaches, and uses this information to determine suitable strategies for helping the student.

Families and LIGHTS: Partnership in Assistance

The LIGHTS team works together with the parents of academically or behaviorally troubled students. To that end, the LIGHTS team contacts parents of referred students early in the process. In some cases, a student will require assistance which La Salle cannot provide. In these cases, the LIGHTS team will work with parents to facilitate the process of accessing resources in the community.

Help Us Help Your Son

The goal of LIGHTS is to help referred students overcome their academic and behavioral difficulties. Ideally, parents and LIGHTS work together toward this goal by offering mutual respect and support, open channels of communication, awareness of the student’s strengths, and shared responsibility.

Student Referrals

A student may be referred to the LIGHTS team in a number of ways.

  • A faculty or staff member may express his or her concerns regarding a student’s academic performance or behavior to a member of the team.
  • A parent with similar concerns may refer his or her son to the LIGHTS team.
  • A friend who is worried about a certain student may refer him for student assistance.
  • The student may refer himself for assistance.

All information about referred students is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

To refer a student please call or email one of the LIGHTS Team Members.

LIGHTS Team Members

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