Experiential Learning

The hallmark of the Technology program at La Salle is the team approach to student involvement. The award-winning Student Lab Manager Program features students working side-by-side with the full-time staff members as administrators on the school network in a tiered structure of rights and responsibilities. The WEXP TV Studio and the Student Web Manager Program are based on this model and are similarly dependent on the involvement of motivated, and trust-worthy students.

The lab manager program is a unique technology team at La Salle College High School. Every year, 50+ applications are submitted to join the team of the top tech students in the school. The program gives La Salle students the chance to have hands on experience running a real network.

The students work hand in hand with the Chief Information Officer, Peter Sigmund, and Network and Website Administrator, Braden Bonner, to maintain, upgrade, and manage the network throughout the entire school. The members learn about computers by working with faculty and their laptops and students in the labs throughout the school. From fixing problems, or teaching others, the students gain leadership and teaching skills, as well as knowledge of technology. They also gain networking experience from hands on work with the multiple servers that La Salle has. After working with this program, our members become skilled with computers, and people.

The Lab Manager program at La Salle is one of a kind. The students are given the opportunity to run a network that consists of over 1,200 users. The team of young men work together every day with the common goal to make La Salle the best tech school in the country.

La Salle College High School offers a completely digital TV studio in the basement of Saint Michael's Hall - WEXP.

Every morning, members of the WEXP Multimedia Manager Program produce a live homeroom show which offers the day's announcements, provides video highlights of school events and provides a forum for interviews with members of the school community.

WEXP is completely student-run and provides students real-world experience in live television production as well as non-linear video editing using the Adobe Creative Suite.

For more information about WEXP and La Salle College High School multimedia contact Mr. Robert Johnson, Director of Multimedia Technology.

The Student Web Managers group assists the Director of Web Communications in various web projects throughout the year. The Web Managers primarily work on projects for the La Salle College High School Web Site.

Community Tech Serve is a program where our students are afforded the opportunity to utilize the technical gifts and talents in the support of IT related initiatives as local schools who do not have the resources to support / sustain their own environments. As a part of Tech Serve students not only have the opportunity to further their own IT skills, but also learn the value of sharing all of our talents with those in need. Often times, it is in these types of infrastructural areas that schools and organizations lack the funds and resources required to provide even the most basic levels of support to their organizations. For more information about Community Tech Serve visit the Mission and Ministry section of the website.

Recently, students in the TechServe program have benefited the following organizations:

  • Saint Michael's Indian School, St. Michael's AZ
  • Our Mother of Sorrows/Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Philadelphia PA

The Robotics Team at La Salle College High School is a group of students building large and small scale robots for competition, learning, and having fun. The team was established in the Fall of 2013 by members of the former Computer and Robotics Clubs.