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Program Vision

La Salle College High School has been a Microsoft IT Academy at the highest level (Level One) for over twelve years. This program has benefitted countless numbers of La Salle students who have continued to become Microsoft Certified to the highest levels. They have moved on to become extremely successful and experts in their respective fields after completing undergraduate studies. The vision of the Summer Program is to extend that success outside of the La Salle College High School Community.

Course Location

The courses will be offered in the Computer Center at La Salle College High School.

Summer Courses 2018

What is the La Salle IT Academy?

At La Salle College High School it is sometimes very difficult to take all of the classes that one would like to take. Our world-class Microsoft IT Academy curriculum will help you obtain the hands-on skills and experience that you need to succeed in technology careers - now available in the summer! These classes are now available to area schools from grades 6 - 12. In fact, many certification holders in the past have been from local grade schools exploring a future in technology.

The program offers classroom and online learning, Hands-On Labs, and access to hundreds of courses, books, cutting-edge resources, and collaboration tools. Most important, you can earn valuable Microsoft Certifications, which can increase your chances of getting a good job in today’s tough economy. There is a global need for people highly skilled in Microsoft technologies, and Microsoft Certifications are the credentials you need to impress employers and colleges.

Course Cost: $1,600

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July 9, 2018 - July 19, 2018

Monday-Thursday 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Saturday 9:00AM - 3:00PM

About Certification

According to Larry Dignan, Editorial Director of TechRepublic, in his recent ZDNet blog, IT certifications will be more relevant than ever due to the unstable economy, unsettled workforce, and new technology and platforms. He lists 10 reasons why:

#1: Job retention: When organizations are faced with the difficult decision of workforce reductions, they will want to retain those who are the most skillful and knowledgeable. Though not a guarantee, those with certifications will have more of an insurance policy.

#2: Salary maintenance: It is becoming commonplace, especially in government organizations, to see employees being asked to take a pay cut. The certification will not protect you from a reduction in compensation, but those that hold IT certifications, “including A+, Security+, Microsoft credentials, and other accreditations,” typically can pull in higher salaries so when a pay cut is implemented, these professionals will still be earning more then their non-certified counterparts.

#3: Hiring and promotion eligibility: Believe it or not, some organizations are actually hiring and promoting employees. Those with certifications have a competitive edge over others that are going for the same position. Not only do the certifications on a resume get a hiring manager’s attention, in many cases, they are becoming a requirement for the job.

#4: Career improvement: Many positions have a ceiling in which there are no more growth opportunities within that particular job function. The only option for career advancement for some employees is to re-tool their skill base. IT certifications become the trigger for opening the door to these new growth opportunities.

#5: New-generation certifications increase relevance: “Certifications are receiving a boost from considerable reworking. Many organizations, including CompTIA and Cisco, are revamping and redesigning exams and instructional initiatives. And Microsoft really stands out due to the variety and impact of changes made to its training and certification program.”

#6: Organizations will become more discriminating: Organizations are scrutinizing their expenses more than before and will be ensuring that the firms they outsource to are the most skilled, knowledgeable, and competent. Consultants with IT certifications are better able to demonstrate that expertise to clients.

#7: New products will gain momentum: Those individuals with current IT certifications will be able to better position themselves by demonstrating knowledge and expertise with new technology and platforms as organizations begin the transition to replace older and outdated equipment.

#8: Organizations must minimize downtime: With reductions in staff, production-down issues are more critical. Those remaining employees must have the appropriate training and instruction to get the business up and running again quickly. Those who have IT certification demonstrate the skills necessary to do so.

#9: Organizations need to reduce costs: When reducing operating expenses, organizations know that IT certification efforts help maximize ROI. “A Kotler Marketing Group study published by CompTIA revealed certifications enabled organizations to reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps, and improve productivity. In addition, certifications proved helpful in improving uptime and reducing turnover.”

#10: Confidence proves handy during turbulent times: According to the same Kotler Marketing Group study, 75 percent said they felt their CompTIA certifications made them more attractive to the current employer and more in demand with prospective ones.

Ready to learn more about available certifications? Contact us today to find out more! To read Larry's original article, click here.

Check out the video below and to the right to better understand the importance of certification at La Salle College High School!

Courses Offered

The Summer IT Academy Program is proud to offer the following courses for this summer:

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Server fundamentals such as managing Windows Servers (including virtualization) and storage, along with monitoring and troubleshooting servers are included. It also covers such topics as essential naming, directory, and print services. Students also also learn of popular Windows Network Services and Applications.

At the conclusion of this course students will take Microsoft Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Cloud Fundamentals

Quite possibly the most cutting edge course offered, you may have heard of the cloud, but can you administer it? The cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet instead of your computer. Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Netflix, Amazon Cloud Drive, Flickr, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Yahoo Mail -- those are all cloud services. Students will develop an understanding of the cloud, how to enable Microsoft Cloud Services, Office 365 and Microsoft Intune (mobile device management) administration, and the support of cloud users in an enterprise environment. This is the future of information technology!

At the conclusion of this course students will take Microsoft Exam 98-369: Cloud Fundamentals

Software Development Fundamentals

As the need for Software Development increases in the twenty-first century, so too will the need for Developers. The Software Development Fundamentals course is designed to give students a core knowlege of programming skills and the fundamentals of creating programs in the Windows environment.

At the conclusion of this course students will take Microsoft Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals

Security Fundamentals

This course will develop an Understanding of Security Layers (including wireless, physical, and internet security), Operating System Security, Network Security, as well as Security Software. There will also be strong coverage of security auditing and security polices.

At the conclusion of this course students will take Microsoft Exam 98-367: Security Fundamentals


Feel free to contact the IT Academy directly by calling 215-402-4881 or clicking here to email.

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Course Costs and Policies

Early Bird Special

Register by the dates below to recieve selected discounts:

Discount Start End Price
Super Early Bird Monday, January 1, 2018 Wednesday, March 7, 2018 $1,300.00
Early Bird Thursday, March 8, 2018 Monday, April 2, 2018 $1,500.00
Regular Sunday, April 3, 2018 - $1,600.00

Course Costs

Tuition for the costs is $1,600 and includes all costs of the course.

What does the cost cover? Others La  Salle
Tuition for the Course $2,500 $1,600
Practice Tests $300 Included
Two Exams per Student $120 Included
Official Microsoft Textbook $60 Included
Full Licensed Version Windows 8 Professional $199 Included
Full Licensed Version Windows Server 2012 $882 Included
Refreshments and Lunch on Saturday $50 Included
Total $4,100 $1,600

Registration Cancellation Policy

Because of the registration costs and licensing for La Salle College High School, all registration cancellations must be received via email to sigmund@lschs.org by the dates listed below.

Class Registration:

  • Full refund minus $250 USD processing fee when cancellation received by 11:59pm EST on Friday, May 11, 2018.
  • No refund after Wednesday, May 11, 2018.

Substitution Policy:

  • The original registrant should not cancel their registration, but simply contact the IT Academy at sigmund@lschs.org to change the registration information of the participating student.

Class Dress Code

Dress code for the Summer IT Academy is streetwear/casual clothing. Shorts and t-shirts are typical. There is no need for shirt and tie to be worn for the Summer IT Academy.

Certification Exam Disclaimer

The content of these courses can act only as a guide for the material that will be covered in the certification exams. You will have to review and practice to achieve mastery of the concepts and skills. Passing of these classes does not guarantee that you will pass the certification exams.