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David Program Initiative


Structure. Support. Success.

The future of the David Center.



It is now 20 years since the David Program began serving the students at La Salle College High School who learn differently. The inspiration of the late Brother Rene Sterner, FSC, the David Program has grown over these past two decades to provide structure, support, and success for one of the significant diversities in the La Salle communities — intelligent and capable young men who will achieve significant things once they and their teachers understand their learning styles, and adapt to them in the classroom context and in assessment. 

And for those 20 years now, the David Program has been housed in the same makeshift space, the apartment attached above the garages of the original Belcroft Estate. As the David Program has grown to full capacity, with six instructors and more than 60 students each year, it continues to be housed in an area where servants and Christian Brothers lived, a space with only one bathroom and imperfectly adaptable to today’s technology rich, collaborative learning and teaching styles. 

For this reason, the Board of Trustees and the administration of La Salle, have decided that the next capital project La Salle undertakes will be an addition to the main academic building, housing the David Program. This beautiful and spacious complex will provide instructional space for five teachers and the program director to work closely and collaboratively with their students, a meeting room, and support facilities that are lacking in the 1927 cottage and a large, bright and inviting commons that will become a home within the home that is La Salle College High School for our David Program students. The new David Center will take advantage of the natural beauty of the area, framed by the original school building, the Belcroft Mansion, and the Lourdes Grotto. 

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