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Successful alumni of La Salle College High School lead in diverse professions and occupations around the world. Alumni involvement, commitment, and leadership remain among the School's proudest achievements as they stand as a lasting testament to a successful education.



A path of passion leads to purpose.In order to uphold the mission of St. John Baptist De La Salle, we rely on the generosity of our extended community to fund various initiatives, as well as to provide need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships.

Gifts to La Salle, whether current or deferred, large or small, help to ensure that the tradition of a Lasallian education can remain strong, and that all qualified students are able to pursue a secondary school education here regardless of their ethnic, religious, or socio-economic backgrounds.

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Read The Fall 2022 Edition Of The Explorer Magazine

The Fall 2022 issue of the Explorer (the official magazine of La Salle College High School) is titled "A Chosen Path" and focusses on the school's decision forty years ago in 1982 to separate from La Salle College and form its own Board of Trustees.

Register for the Hall of Fame Induction & Communion Breakfast

Register to attend the 2019 Hall of Fame induction and Communion Breakfast held on Sunday, March 3, 2019. Mass will begin at 10 am, followed by the Induction Ceremony in the

La Salle College High School Gymnasium and Auditorium. Cost is $30 per person.

Dan Fornace '07 Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Dan Fornace '07 has been named to Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 – the magazine's annual list chronicling the brashest entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. Fornace designed and released Rivals of Aether in 2017 and, to date, over 500,000 units have been sold.