The Coaches’ Scholarship Fund for Khristion Brown


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On Friday, during a beautiful and moving religious ceremony on Meehan Field which overlooked the football field where Isaiah spent countless hours, The La Salle College High Community came together to Celebrate the Life of a young man who was loved by all and is best described as a gentle giant.

In response to the outpouring of offers of assistance from the community, Coaches John Steinmetz and Michael McKee have established a fund to honor the legacy of Isaiah Turner designed to benefit his brother Khristion Brown.  The Coaches' Scholarship Fund for Khristion Brown will assist in providing educational opportunities to Isaiah's younger brother by extending financial aid should he wish to follow in his footsteps and attend La Salle College High School.  Alternatively, the family may use the funds should Khristion choose to pursue another tuition-based educational path, or even for College or Trade School. 

"The terms we always used around him was quiet, but friendly, kind and hard working," Coach Steinmetz said. "People referred to him as a gentle giant. I think that's very appropriate. He was a great classmate, great teammate. He was really good with the younger guys. I know a lot them looked up to him.  He was really good big brother. I know his younger brother looked up to him a lot."

"Isaiah Turner was an awesome human being," Coach McKee said. "Isaiah was a leader of character and action, incredible teammate, loving person… his instinct to do the right thing in times of adversity will be remembered. When you looked in his eyes, you knew that Isaiah really stood for something and cared a lot about other people.  This is the perfect opportunity to show our love and support back to Isaiah, by helping his younger brother, Khristion Brown."